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With the summer coming, lots of people have quite a bit of free time, and that means it's the perfect time to start new projects. However, this time we want to turn to our userbase and ask them what kind of ideas they have - in this way, we hope to capitalize on the innovative spirit that you all have (we hope)!

This forum is completely open, so feel free to post lots of new ideas and discuss them with others. General forum rules apply, so be respectful! If your idea is well thought-out and seems viable, a C&C mod (or super mod or admin) will look into it and take it to the administration for consideration. You'll get full credit if your idea is used, and you may even be put in charge of it, if you wish.

Some tips for submitting ideas:

1) Be very clear and thorough. USE PROPER SPELLING AND GRAMMAR! Nobody wants to read a bunch of chatspeak. Even if your idea is amazing, if it isn't presented well, it may not be noticed. Discuss your ideas in a clear, logical format, and use those things you've learned from your English classes.

2) Make sure to discuss how the idea benefits Smogon. It may not be immediately clear why an idea is good, so explain what we get out of it - that's the whole point, after all! Be specific on this point; don't just say "it'll be really popular and people will like it". Testimonials would be a huge plus.

3) Don't be afraid to submit lots of ideas (as long as they're thought out; don't just submit a bunch of crap). People won't remember you for your bad ideas, just your good ones. If an idea isn't workable, we'll just say so and close it. Don't take it personally; move on and try again. If even a few good ideas come out of this forum, it will be considered a major success, and will be very beneficial for both us and you. So let's make this work!

4) Try to use the search function in the forum before submitting your idea, your idea may already be up for consideration.

5) This should be obvious, but make sure to search the site before submitting an idea also.

6) Don't suggest Pokemon sets here, use the corresponding forum in C&C.
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