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The professor?
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Good thread Coconut ;)

Okay I'll post one

This is a replay between me and slurmz. After wasting my Z-Conversion, I actually managed to still pose a threat with Download Porygon and use Conversion without the Z-move to give me an advantage. Slurmz also managed to pressure me a lot with hazard stacking thanks to defeating Staryu with an interesting lure...
#5 Strengt Sap 2 gud These new Fairy types :) New team with Mareanie Many new teams… Close game, but Corphish
saved me :) Chinchou saves the day Wanted to test out Crabrawler for the lols, so I took Dracoyoshi8's set. I uploaded this one because of my opponent. I felt legitimately sorry for him, so I directed him here. Let's hope he finds some good sets :)

I'll just post replays here along with a short description
[NOTE]: 99% of these replays will probably be on the ladder.
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Reserving for future replays as well.

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Disregard every single tournament match, every other time I've posted in this thread with some replay about how "Vullaby dodged TWO Rock Slides!!!1!" Throw all of that away, because this is it. This is the match that finally proves that I am undoubtedly, indesputably, the luckiest player in this entire playerbase. majaspic22 can eat a dick, blarajan can parafullpara himself off a bridge. enjoy.

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