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I may do shiny Araquanid in the near future, but I noticed the normal sprite has some colors wrong, may I modify it a bit ? (They are brown thingies in our sprite, while in the 7G sprite and official artwork these are more gray-ish)
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Also leparagon when will the docs be updated ? Not to stress you or anything, but I'd be eager to see my shiny sprites on the sheet, and it would be more practical to know what is already done and what is not ^^'
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Aren't there already Mimikyu animations in here earlier in the thread.
Ah, yes, there's an animated Mimikyu on Page 15.
Sorry, I'm new to this thread and didn't read all 20 pages. I didn't see an animated Mimikyu on the Google Doc, so I didn't think there was one.

To be honest, I just animated it for myself and figured I'd share my work with this project if you guys wanted to use it.

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