Gen 3 Sunflora (NU Revamp)


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Sunflora is in an unfortunate situation in NU. While it is a very good sweeper—in fact, it possesses the strongest Solar Beam in the tier—it is simply outclassed by both Bellossom and Tangela due to its horrific Speed, lack of Sleep Powder, and lower all-around bulk. What's more, considering the fact that there are two Pokemon that directly outclass it, it's hard to justify ever bringing it to a match when you can simply bring both of its competition instead if that is the archetype you want to build around, or even a different Sunny Day sweeper such as Tropius or Weepinbell. Sunflora does get access to two neat moves in Encore and Light Screen, but that is a small consolation when compared to not having Sleep Powder.

name: Sunny Day Sweeper
move 1: Sunny Day
move 2: Solar Beam
move 3: Hidden Power Fire
move 4: Encore / Light Screen
item: Leftovers
ability: Chlorophyll
nature: Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

- With a Timid nature Sunflora has the same power as Modest Bellossom, allowing it to play essentially the same way but with lower physical bulk
- Solar Beam and Hidden Power Fire essentially dual STABs in the sun, and that is about as deep as Sunflora's offensive movepool gets
- Encore allows Sunflora to set up more easily or lock the opponent into a move to ensure a safer setup option after it goes down, while Light Screen allows it to distinguish itself from Bellossom and Tangela and set up against something like offensive Chimecho without much trouble

- Sunflora needs Timid in order to fully function in the sun. Modest drops its Speed too far, making it outsped by Raticate and base 95s like Haunter and Plusle when using Hidden Power Fire in the sun
- Synthesis can be used to vastly increase its longevity, but that's done better by Bellossom and Tangela
- Hidden Power Psychic can be used with a Modest nature to outspeed base 95s in the sun and it also gives Sunflora a good move for Swalot, but it still loses to it one-on-one. It does get the OHKO on Haunter though
- Growth is another option in the last slot and can allow Sunflora to better wallbreak for a sweeping buddy like Bellossom, but it's hard to do both Sunny Day and Growth considering Sunflora's frailty
- Sunflora should really only be used as a one-two punch core with Bellossom or in its stead if you really want to have Light Screen, they require the same teammates either way
- Needs Swalot, Flareon, and other specially defensive Pokemon like Kecleon removed or severely weakened before sweeping, making Diglett a good teammate, as well as other offensive Pokemon like Pupitar and Hitmonchan

[Other Options]
- Grass Whistle
- Curse
- Endeavor
- Giga Drain
- Safeguard

[Checks and Counters]
- Swalot
- Flareon, Torkoal
- Kecleon, Lickitung
- Bellossom
- Pidgeot
- Outside sun Sunflora is outsped by a lot so it's not hard to 2HKO it
You're giving this Pokemon way too much credit considering how god-awful it is. It doesn't get Sleep Powder, is slow as dirt, and significantly frailer than that of other sun abusers in the tier.

Encore really isn't that useful. I'd rather put Chimecho to sleep than attempting to lock it into a move when uninvested Psychic 3HKOs so why not just use Bellossom or Tangela? Light Screen is very meh as well because Sunflora's SpD isn't really that lacking. Petaya Berry is a must mention, when I tried using Sunflora I found that it was activating a surprising amount just on how Sunflora's defensive stats face up against the metagame. I'd almost always use it over Leftovers since its bulk isn't really worth preserving unlike the superior sun sweepers and Sunflora's niche is its power. If I'd ever use Sunflora I'd run a Petaya Berry set with Endure in the 4th moveslot over either Encore or Light Screen. Hell, I'd run Grass Whistle before Encore or Light Screen.

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