Sunkern - Don't screw about with it

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A lot of you think of it as the weakest Pokemon to have ever existed in the history of anything. What, with it's horrific base stats and terrible movepool size, you'd be onto something.

However, this so-called weakling does have one hidden trick up it's sleeve, one that needs to be reckoned with correctly. Or else you'll fall into my shoes.

The Sunny Day / SolarBeam combination is a beastly combination on any Pokemon. Like Charizard. Sunkern can use this combination, as well. Not only this, Sunkern has Chlorophyll and Solar Power. Chlorophyll will do quite a lot to make sure Sunkern hits first, unless it faces something like max speed Darkrai, Mewtwo, Deoxys-S or Deoxys-A. Solar Power, on the other hand, boosts the Sp. Atk of this Pokemon. But Chlorophyll, which has a very confusing spelling, would be the way to go, especially with a Life Orb. Buut... AH IT'S CONFUSING. Just go for whichever one you deem usable.

So, Life Orb Chlorophyll Sunny Day SolarBeam Sunkern - that's where I was. Ah, yes. Have I mentioned this set has caused the silly person called 'me' to... lose an entire team in a Sunkern sweep. And one littered with Ubers at that. Sure, I spread out my EVs so they were equal like a fool. But, still.






Two Pokemon on my team that day were Darkrai and Arceus. They got... SWEEPED. And when I say 'sweeped', I don't mean 2HKOs.

Sunkern is also pretty dangerous if the foe has something like Stealth Rock, Spikes or Toxic Spikes out on the field.

I ramble too much, don't I?
Not open for further replies.

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