Super Mario Maker Sharing Thread!

Pretty tough level made by me:
Yoshi's Obstacle Course - Speedy 60 second course that revolves around Yoshi jumping.
I made a really stupid thing: Attack on Mario.

Relive the starting moments from Attack on Titan as you break down the walls using the Mega Mushroom and slaughter the Goomba citizenry.


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So yeah, checkpoints. Finally, long levels will not be tortuous!

Also, speaking of torture, 100 Mario Challenge Expert Mode. I think Nintendo knew this would be plagued by terrible levels, and that was actually the point, hence why only an expert could possibly hope to beat it. Just a theory, but if so that's just sadistic Nintendo :P

I'd post my levels but with the exception of one (which is just a "HARDMODE" version of the one right before it) kinda suck. And i don't have the codes handy atm. I'll get the code for that one and it's original easier version that still only has a 9% win rate somehow (seriously... you can fly over the whole thing with a running start XD)
I made another stupid level. This time it has a very mild Simpsons Theme. It is called "I was saying Boo-urns". Enjoy it if you wish: 54AF-0000-00F5-90B5


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I just bought the game, and i made a level.


No clue if i'm any good at this game design thing but it was pretty amusing to make a level.
For those of you looking for a challenge, I uploaded 2 levels which should really test your skills. The first is called U Can't Beat This Level. At time of posting it's been up less than 24 hours, and so far 55 attempts have been made with only 1 person clearing it. The ID is 0075-0000-0164-7CED.

The second of my really hard levels is called Cheetah Speed Sprint. You have to make very precise jumps, while (as the title hints) the screen is scrolling at max speed. 171 attempts have been made to beat this level, with only 4 succeeding (a rate of 2.33%). Think you can beat it? The ID is 12D4-0000-0025-B98C.
Oh I have a hard level for y'all using the new Fire Clown Cars. It's based off the Death Star Trench Run from Star Wars: A New Hope. I actually made it easier than my original version of it. I also added a checkpoint before "Darth Vader" made his appearance. Here's the code: 4957-0000-0169-5FFE


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I saw this one online and it looks very interesting, I didn't make it but I'd love to hear how some people think about it.

Made my first course, clearing each obstacle isn't hard but each one in succession gets incredibly difficult



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So, the Super Beard Bros take level submissions for various themes, and they picked up my level! It's a murder mystery based off of the 1983 DOS game "Sleuth" for PC.

Starts at 22:23 and goes until the end of the episode. They seemed to enjoy it quite a bit!

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