SURVIVOR - Winter/Spring Edition Interest Thread

Link to first Survivor game -

I'm wondering how many people would be interested (and most importantly active) in participating in a Survivor game that would take place on Smogon from about mid December to about mid-March/April. The reason I'm asking is that I know people are in school (I certainly am and will be having finals end March-ish) and I would only want to host the game if I knew that people would be active. It's not very fair to have to do subs in the middle of a game that's taken place for two months, so I would like to avoid any and all activity complications that may result due to things like school commitments. However, I will say that the commitment is not that large. Basically if you can check Smogon once a day and do a battle like every week-ish. Even short periods of being afk is okay as long as you come back. I just want to avoid situations where you might disappear for like a month.

For those who are unaware what the game is about, feel free to look through the first game's thread. The premise is based on the TV show which I highly recommend you look into if you've never/only briefly heard of it. The "challenges" (since we are on the Internet) are in the form of Pokemon battles, with some creative liberties taken. No Pokemon experience is necessary, however: the runner up of the last season actually probably participated in less than half the challenges so you can still do well even if you are bad at mons (like me :[ )

Please indicate your interest by posting in this thread/liking this post. I would prefer having all new players, but I would rather host a second edition with some players from the first one then not have one at all. If you have any questions feel free to post them here as well. Or suggestions. Whatever you want to talk about that relates to this game. Also feel free to share with people you think might be interested, regardless of if they are a circus regular or not or even a pokemon player! All are welcome :] Thanks!

(And by "I" I meant rssp1 and I. rssp1, the winner of the first game, will be my co-host! So if you have any complaints about the challenges, you know who to direct them too)
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probably would be interested, probably would rather do a big brother format rather than survivor again if thats possible
probably would be interested, probably would rather do a big brother format rather than survivor again if thats possible
I've never watched Big Brother so I don't feel like I could do it justice. Definitely would be fun tho if someone else wants to host (I would totally play).

In any case, it looks like we do have enough interest! Me and rssp just need to finish up all of the challenges/twists/etc (hopefully this weekend???) and get it approved. I'm going to say we will have "official" signups on Monday maybe (you won't need to sign up twice, I'll just carry everyone over from this thread), maybe get a couple more people and start next Wednesday if everything goes well.
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