Resource SV 1v1 Quality Control Team - Who are we? How do I join?

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1v1 Quality Control Team
These are the people responsible for checking analyses and making sure they accurately represent the 1v1 metagame. There are different groups for different generations; this thread has the QC teams for old generation analyses, which go in this forum. Trial QC members may still post checks, but they must check in with a C&C moderator before posting. For more information about trial checking, see the bottom of this post.

SV 1v1 QC Members:

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So, what exactly is Trial QC?
Trial QC is, well, a trial run. Trial team members are allowed to post checks once a C&C moderator looks over their check. The mod that approved their check will be included when they post. Trial QCers also have access to the SV QC channel in the 1v1 discord, where they can ask questions and give feedback.

I want to help, but how?:
If you want to join the QC team, feel free to reach out to a C&C moderator and ask. We are always accepting new people as long as analyses are open for reservation. We may ask you to go through the trial process first, but don't be discouraged by that; it's a soft yes rather than a hard no.
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