Non-official SV BH Suspect #1: Poison Heal

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We're not unbanning Magnet Pull
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Elligible Voters: 42
Votes: 36

Poison Heal
Ban: 26 (61.90%)
Do not ban: 10 (23.81%)
Haven't voted yet: 6 (14.29%)

With 26 ban votes, Poison Heal has reached the 60% threshold required to be banned. As a result, Poison Heal is banned in Balanced Hackmons!

This thread will remain open until the voting deadline for the remaining voters to make their votes; if this puts you over the six or ten vote threshold, pm me or another tier leader the links!

Tagging Kris to implement the Poison Heal ban on main, please and thank you!
Not open for further replies.

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