Non-official SV National Dex BH #1 - Terastallization

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The following 27 users obtained the requirements to vote on Terastallization in National Dex BH:

When voting use the following format (directly copy/paste one of these lines):
Terastallization: [b]Ban[/b]
Terastallization: [b]Do not Ban[/b]
Failing to follow the above format will result into your vote being IGNORED (this will be enforced, especially since you have the option to mindlessly copy/paste your vote).

A super majority (60%, at least 17 Ban votes out of 27 possible voters) will be required to ban Terastallization.

NOTE TO NEW VOTERS: This forum is moderated; if you submit your post but don't see it show up in the thread, then don't worry, it's perfectly normal.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message. Don't post anything but your vote in this thread. Also, ONLY POST ONCE. Don't make more than one post or you will be infracted.

To ensure the integrity of the Suspect Process, voters won't be allowed to change their vote once they submit their post. Think carefully before casting your vote, because you won't get the chance to change it.

The voting stage ends on Tuesday 14th of March at 11:59 PM GMT-4; the result might be announced earlier if the missing votes won't have an impact on the decision anymore.

Regarding the Tiering Contributor badge

  • TC is awarded to those with 10 tiering-related votes counted in the blind voting forums and who display a general interest in Smogon.
  • TC is awarded to those with 6 tiering-related votes in a single unofficial tier who display a general interest in Smogon.
  • You may PM me, or Jho with the links to your votes if you qualify for the TC badge!
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