Announcement SV National Dex Suspect 1 - Voter Identification Thread

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Confirming as ND9TS Derp

I want to nominate this suspect test requirement achievement to my reformed orthodox Smogonite DerpyBoi ... back to running Smogon as he should be.

bill kill yt team still going strong 2 gens later. If there was any mon I'd tera on this team, it was Kartana. Letting the fairy core snipe steels allowed for Tera Grass Kartana to snowball out of control in several games.

Hate that the grind had to happen on Christmas... but cool cuz I can wish y'all a Merry Christmas!

Shout out ong. I rarely ever used this team before the suspect test, but there's a reason you peaked ladder with this so many times... very powerful. I lost to THE TWIST tho I'm very sorry they had Heatran + Kyurem...

Also shout out my team Whole Lotta Agents y'all keep me goin fr :swole:
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