Announcement SV National Dex Suspect 2 - Voter Identification Thread

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Finding my way
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Achieved reqs after wasting some alts and nd9e tera fire but reqs are reqs

Suspicious birb is not the most broken, it requires way too much support, takes time to get into winning position (tried it)+ it's like once or never mon, something goes wrong and it dies then you're so screwed
Agree with everything in Ryuji's Post here.
Tl;dr way too annoying to play against voting Ban

S/o entrocefalo again for teams and stalls given in this thread might be consistent to win with (i didn't bother to try them out TRUST)


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s/o MurderousMantyke R8 and adem for team

easy ban, 1 of my losses was to an opposing espathra, 3 to luck when id otherwise sweep with said espathra, and the other was just getting outplayed lmao. i won so many games (i think like 25?) by just setting up screens with koko and getting a shed tail off that by the time they actually broke it id be already ohkoing stuff like spdtran and dnite, and this was above 1400 elo for half of them. dark tera clod and dirge being the only strictly reliable counterplay is also just not good so yeah (and yes i faced "counters" like kingambit so many times and yet it still won).

also obligatory ban garg ban pult ban zama ban everything

this was my 10th suspect so worthless badge 2 done lmao
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nd9e baguette was already taken somehow D:

Thank u gamer but swag for the team

Also, to anyone considering voting do not ban, I'd recommend trying this team built by adem, imo you can't properly assess how ridiculous this thing is without trying to abuse it yourself. Ladder barely uses this mon(because ladder sleeps on broken mons lol) so you can't get rly good espathra experience just by waiting to face it on the ladder.
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