Tournament SV NFE No-Johns Kickoff Tour (€100 Prize Pool!!!) [Won by TheFranklin]

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Farce Of The Death  vs  Milo
RoyalReloaded  vs  Take Azelfie
Xurkiyee  vs  Nezloe
raf  vs  WindWarrior75
iKiQ  vs  skeledirge12354
Seeyabud  vs  IbMei
RextheNoname  vs  Givra ☯
DripLegend  vs  447323a
5Dots  vs  Akashi


MultiPokemon  vs  MTB
megatyler30  vs  BoingK
Quagg  vs  Danny

Round 2

The deadline for this round is Sunday, December 4th, at 11:59 PM GMT[/B]
  • As always all tournament rules apply
  • There will be NO extensions under any circumstances -- any unplayed games will be subject to either an activity decision or a coinflip.
  • Each series is best of three. Replays are mandatory.
  • Bans are set at the beginning of each round. If something is banned in the middle of a round it will still be legal until the beginning of the next.
  • This tournament will use the rules for NFE as found here.
  • Matches are playable on the main server.


ojr  vs  elleapple
Tuthur  vs  Hys
Shing'n Streets  vs  raf
TTTech  vs  FranziskaSkye
447323a  vs  Xurkiyee
luisin  vs  Farce Of The Death
Greybaum  vs  astralydia
RextheNoname  vs  SpaceSpeakers
blinkboy  vs  Career Ended
MultiPokemon  vs  Mandibuladel5555
RoyalReloaded  vs  Maybca☆〜ゝ。∂
megatyler30  vs  Danny
iKiQ  vs  gorex
5Dots  vs  Alternatif
TheFranklin  vs  IbMei
hidingflames  vs  Dragonillis

The deadline for this round is Sunday, December 4th, at 11:59 PM GMT
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