NU SV NU Kickoff Tournament - Round 2

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SV NU No Johns Kickoff Tournament
:sv/medicham: :sv/houndoom:

Specific Rules:
  • This is a standard SV NU (Generation 9) tournament.
  • This is also a Type C tour and it's part of the 2023 NU Circuit.
  • Matches are to be played on PS!, preferably on the smogtours server.
  • All rounds will be a best of three, single elimination.
  • Replays will be required for ALL rounds!
  • This is a "No Johns" tournament, and because of this:
    • All extensions will be 2 days. This will finish ENTIRELY within the Alpha period of the tier.
    • You will have just four days to complete a set.
Standard Rules and Clauses:
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here
  • Species Clause: A player cannot have two Pokemon with the same PokeDex number on his team.
  • Evasion Clause: The moves Double Team and Minimize are banned.
  • OHKO Clause: The moves Horn Drill, Guillotine, Sheer Cold, and Fissure are banned.
  • Endless Battle Clause: Anything capable of intentionally creating an endless battle is banned.
Scheduling & Activity:
  • Use VMs to schedule with your opponent to make it easier for me to track activity calls when needed. If you use other methods to contact your opponent outside of VMs, then post in this thread a screenshot confirming your contact.
  • Do not schedule last minute expecting to be compensated in case of time zone conflicts or be given an activity win over your opponent.

Round 2

Togkey  vs  SwordIsBored
(Winner of 85percent  vs. yovan33321) vs  Elias PSY
Hax Believer  vs  Ainzcrad (extension)
BeatsBlack  vs  EonX
Spacial  vs  Pokeslice
OnArceus  vs  giove97
Haffling  vs  Sailorgreatest
ASKid679  vs  Yoink 0
Ren-chon  vs  Eniigma
Rabia  vs  Tal0
JonAmon 25  vs  MassiveDestruction
AstilCodex  vs  Parpar (extension)
sasha  vs  (Winner of TMM vs. DugZa)
Banbadoro  vs  roxie
hjj no  vs  gorex
(Winner of skierdude101 vs. TheKingKarp)  vs  Earth
5Dots  vs  RoyalReloaded
Lucario  vs  Luck O' the Irish
Phantomistix  vs  Velcroc
kythr  vs  poh
outbackrabbit  vs  Stecolomaxx (extension)
rom1x38  vs  Danny
BlazingDark  vs  Kev
Hamza-1815cls  vs  Shaneghoul
LustfulLice  vs  ImDoneThrowing
corvere  vs  (Winner of SpaceSpeakers vs. blinkboy)
Lennart  vs  Bouff
pichus  vs  OranBerryBlissey10
Fragmented  vs  Davo2544
tom holland  vs  Quite Quiet
Snowmeows  vs  NHelioX7 (extension)
zS  vs  El Quixana

Deadline for extensions is Tuesday, February 7th at 11:59pm GMT-5 (2 days as stated in the rules)
Deadline for this round is Thursday, February 9th at 11:59pm GMT-5
Replays are Mandatory!
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