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that burn on Dragonite was hilarious but good job not tilting

that Annihilape set is demonic btw, wonder what the EVs are
Actually true, Finch can we get a drop on that Annihilape set I'm genuinely so curious

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As the biggest MudkipNerd fan, I can confirm this has been an absolute robbery. I hope the OU council decides to take action on critical hits next slate.
Suspecting Critical Hits would be so funny
Okay but it’s kind of a letdown to hype up this bo3 and then immediately have the results disregarded because Finch bet his own council slot on a rematch
I think this only adds to the suspense. This set may have ended but the fact that it's not over is gonna keep me awake for a while LMAO
I audibly gasped when Annihilate was sashed
We need finch to drop his set.
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