SV OU No Johns Release Tournament Round 1 [BRACKET B]

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Act, waited 20 mins for my opp and received no reply when I asked them if they were coming after 15 mins.

Asked if they can play tomorrow tho
Activity again, waited 20 mins after the scheduled time and opp did not show up.
Calling activity, i have been waiting Ske during 30+ minutes and i can't really waste more time today and this tour is extensionless so yeah


same old dance
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calling act. i contacted on Thursday morning to play that day or i would need to set a time, and didn't receive a response until Saturday morning in which my opp told me to play on that day, when i was already made unavailable. I let my opponent know that i would be, and asked to set a time for today, without receiving a response.
Calling Act, my opponent sent a time to play and hasn't responded at all to any of my messages or attempts to reach out
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