Tournament SWORD AND SHIELD Battle Stadium Kickoff Tournament!!!! (won by eiwug!)

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New Matchups for this week:

Puff Killa vs. (Solerme vs. Cheese5555)
Lego vs. (ethan06 vs. DragonWhale)
(eiwug vs. Lionyx) vs. The Squash

Obviously, it's Christmas week so I'll be a little lenient with the deadline, especially as we're approaching the end of the tournament. Just try to get it done when you can, especially if you have an extension! (Which is every match)[/user]
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Ggs to both players!
I had a lot of fun playing both of you, hopefully we play again the future :D

Edit - Game 3 vs Dragonwhale the dumb sun weather made me forget the Misty Terrain on the field but regardless I still lost jajaj

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