Tournament Sword and Shield Monotype Crown Tundra Cup (Signups)


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Art by: Seo.
Approved by the Monotype Forum Mods
Hosted by: Splash

Welcome to the Sword and Shield Monotype Crown Tundra Cup! This tournament will give players a chance to compete against each other using the Pokemon newly released in the Crown Tundra DLC in SS Monotype. This is a single-elimination tournament, replays are required for every round and must be posted.

Specific Rules
  • This is a standard SS Monotype tournament
  • The format for this tournament is best of three, single elimination
  • Changing teams between matches is allowed
  • All matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown! or on Smogtours
  • Make sure you save your replays!!!!
  • Replays are required to be posted to encourage the development of the metagame!!!!!!!!
  • Please ask for an extension as soon as possible if a scheduling confliction occurs
  • Any tier changes that occur during a round will not be in effect until the following round

Standard Monotype Rules:
  • Same Type Clause: Pokémon in a team must share a type
  • Sleep Clause Mod: Limit one foe put to sleep
  • Species Clause: Limit one of each Pokémon
  • OHKO Clause: OHKO moves are banned
  • Evasion Moves Clause: Evasion moves are banned
  • Endless Battle Clause: Forcing endless battles is banned
  • HP Percentage Mod: HP is shown in percentages

Deadline for Signups will be Saturday, October 24th at 11:59 PM GMT-4
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