Gen 5 Sword Dancing Zoroark UU

Swords Dance
Life Orb
Ability: Illusion
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Naive/Jolly Nature

Move 1: Swords Dance
Move 2: Sucker Punch
Move 3: Low Kick/Flamethrower
Move 4: Pursuit/U-Turn/Punishment

Besides Nasty Plot, Zoroark also has means to attack physically due to it's access to swords dance as well as a respectable 105 base attack and also has the potential to catch opponents off guard when disguised as another pokemon in your party that does not usually attack physically. Sucker punch is Zoroark's main STAB attack as with a solid 80 base power along with a +1 priority to hit foes that normally outspeed. Depending on the coverage your team needs, Zoroark can either utilize Low Kick or Flamethrower as a coverage move as the former can have a 12.5% chance to OHKO Krookodile at +1 after Swords Dance and intimidate while stealth rock is on the field, downright ohko non-sashed Bisharp and do signifficant damage to Houndoom, Empoleon, Rhyperior, Scrafty before it has setup Dragon Dance and Snorlax while the latter can be used to attack Feroseed, Escavalier and Durant due to their 4x weakness to fire as well as to wear down Tangrowth. As for the last move, Zoroark has a handful of options. Pursuit can be used to trap Chandelure, Mew and Mismagius while U-Turn is capable of gaining momentum assuming Zoroark is capable of forcing an opponent to switch out. Otherwise Zoroark has access to Punishment which is effectively 100 base power after a Swords Dance. Paired this up with a respectable 105 base speed Zoroark is capable of sweeping opponents with a high STAB move after Swords Dance while at the same time has access to a priority STAB move to attack foes that outspeed it.

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