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Hey Yall! Gen 8 has been up for over a month now and five major standard formats (excluding lc) have been released (ubers, ou, uu, ru, and dou). Sadly no smogon tournament has yet incorporated all five. Thus to celebrate the eight generation of the great game of Pokémon and 2020 I am hosting this dope tournament! (Please note, ou must be played as Galar ou not National dex)


Matches will be best of three except for semis and finals which will be best of five. This is how the three formats for the best of three will be chosen (in a helpful step by step guide):
1. Contact your opponent and each of you lock one format. Example: Shadowmonstr7 locks dou, and Fabulous Houndoom locks uu.
2. Each player then bans one tier. Example: Shadowmonstr7 bans ou, and Fabulous Houndoom bans ru
3. The remaining tier (Ubers) will be played as the third format.
4. Battle each other. The final format chosen is played first, and the next tier is chosen by the loser of g1 from the two remaining tiers.
Example: Shadow and Fabulous Houndoom play each other in Ubers. Fabulous Houndoom wins so Shadow gets to choose the next tier and picks dou. Shadow wins so the only remaining tier (uu) is played. Finally, whoever wins makes a win post. (duh)
Note: Whoever locks first bans second. So if A locks OU, and B locks UU, the next step is for B to ban a tier, and then A will ban a tier. That way the same person doesn't lock/ban first both times.

Additionally this tournament will be Double Elimination which means when you lose you will enter a losers bracket. This is to help account for unfortunate hax losses or running into a goat r1. In the finals match the winner of the winners bracket will face the winner of the losers bracket. However, the losers bracket champion will have to beat the winners bracket champion twice, because obviously the winner of the winners bracket has only lost once. Unlike most smogon tournaments I will post a full bracket once round 1 is up so you will be able to see who you might face in the near future. Also you can fill out a mock bracket like March Madness if you're into that. (For yall non-Americans March Madness is a basketball tournament where we predict the winners of all the games and the winner gets to flex on all the bad predicters)

PLEASE INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! Lets make this thing big! But obviously don't enter unless you're actually going to play your games and participate. If you have any questions please ask me and feel free to drop predicts once round one is up. Lets make this the best unofficial tour ever!

To enter post "in" or "WOOLOO IS THE BEST POKEMON!" Signups close January 30th or when we hit 64 users, whichever comes first.
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