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Preface: a major hurdle to getting into roleplaying games is wading through hundreds of pages of rules, for a system you aren't sure you'll like. So, in here, I'll post signups for a a few mini-campaigns. In these, you don't need to wade through lots of rules. Instead, I'll explain the basics as well as any important niche rules that come up. I've also taken care of character generation for you.

First is Mutants and Masterminds, for 2-4 players (hopefully 4), Sunday, November 8th at 6:30 eastern time (this is after daylight saving ends, be warned) and again at November 15th, same time. Session should last 4-5 hours.

What is Mutants and Masterminds? It’s a roleplaying game of the superhero genre. It can range from masked vigilantes to world-protectors. I can range from grim and gritty to campy to parody. What matters is, it’s a system where you have superpowered mutants, wizards, robots, and really, everything under the sun (and more).

In Mutants and Masterminds (srd here, you don’t need to read it for the mini-campaign), the main things to know are: you roll a twenty-sided die and add your bonus modifier to it, then compare the result to how hard the task is. This system is combat-oriented.
Combat: Decided by initiative check. You have a Move Action (for moving around or a few other things that will not come up this time), a Standard Action (which can be used to attack or use your superpowers or as a second Move Action). There’s some other niche actions that we don’t really care about.
If you attack, you try to beat your opponent’s active defenses (parry, dodge) to hit them. If you do hit them, then they have to make a save with their passive defense (usually toughness, though Shocker and Powerhouse can both target Fortitude with their powers).

If you fail the save vs damage, then you take damage with increasing penalties, until you drop. You have 4 hp, and it recovers quickly.
If you fail the save vs an Affliction, then you take a penalty to something (determined by the affliction) until it goes away.

(Powerhouse has aoe effects that function slightly differently, and Sentry has multiattack, which lets him sacrifice the attack to provide cover fire that benefits the entire team. More details on request.)

You also all have one Hero/Victory Point that lets you do a lot of things. Generally, it makes you lucky and lets you retcon something (re-roll, or you can make a quick antifreeze from stuff in the laboratory to fight an ice-based super, etc.) More details on request.


What a week, huh? At least you finally managed to register as a superhero team. Your hero licenses just came in, so now you have an official team that can set up a shared account at the bank. It looks like it’s going to be a quiet day... or so you hope.

Heroes you may select:

Player 1: Sentry (Weapon Master)
Chosen Powers: Fast, Super-Vision
Chosen Weapon: Semi-automatic gun (Multiattack, Ranged Damage 5)
Chosen Advantages: Assessment, Improved Initiative x2 (init is +13), Precise Attack 2 [ignore cover and concealment at range], Takedown
Hero Summary:
You are an expert gunner, able to mow down lesser enemies with ease. You also have incredibly fine vision - you can see in the dark, or see particles smaller than the eye can normally see. Finally, you have a weak form of super-speed, letting you outrace most enemies without enhanced speed of some form.

Player 2: Powerhouse
Hero Summary:
You’re a powerful brute, both capable of taking a beating without flinching and dishing it out, with a few area of effect attacks, a ranged attack, and a powerful punch. You can sacrifice your admittedly-low accuracy for a particularly powerful attack, and you can make yourself nearly un-missabe (aka, slightly harder to hit than the broad side of a barn) to gain slightly more accuracy. That last power only works if someone penalizes your accuracy or damage, such as with the Demoralize action.

Player 3: Shocker (Energy Controller)
Element: Electricity
Alternate effect 1: Leaping 12, can bring others with you. (You can turn into a bolt of lightning and move up to 4 miles)
Alternate effect 2: Ranged Affliction 12 (Stunned -> Defenseless -> Incapacitated)
Alternate effect 3: Super-Speed 8 (+32 initiative, do tasks hundreds of times faster, move at 500 mph)
Hero Summary:
You are an electrokinetic, with a couple of fast-movement options as well as a lightning blast. Your blast can be tuned to harm or merely incapacitate, letting you partially bypass certain defenses. You can also attempt to demoralize an enemy penalizing all their rolls. In the event that your accuracy or damage is penalized, you can sacrifice your defenses for a more powerful attack. You can also sacrifice up to 5 of your damage value (making it easier to resist) in exchange for up to +5 to your accuracy (for those enemies that are really hard to hit, but have a glass jaw once you do).

Player 4: Construct
Selected Power: built-in weapon (ranged damage 10)
Hero Summary
You are a robot, able to take a bit of a beating. You also have a powerful weapon built in to your system. Generally, you strike at the more powerful enemies, while Sentry shoots at the more numerous weaker ones.

If you can't make those days, and if there's enough demand, I can change it to the 9th and/or 16th, or else host it twice. Given the speed at which things tend to progress, there is an outside chance of needing a third day, one week from the previous sessions. Sessions are LIVE! (and done by text on Discord)

Sign-ups for a couple super hero battles below!

1) ??? - no hero preference
2) ??? - no hero preference
3) ??? - no hero preference
4) ??? - no hero preference

Discord links to be provided to sign-ups.
Bumping to mention: No experience required. Don't be frightened off by inexperience; the purpose of this is to introduce people to RP systems. I have specifically designed this around people not having experience with the system. Also each system test is low-commitment: just a couple evenings to see if you like what the system does.

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