Talk Like a Pirate - Arghonaut thread

I've seen Arghonaut used as some people's secondary, or as a one of many in a grab bag of alts. But we don't yet have any Argh mains.
It could just be he lacks depth, but what I enjoy about this squid is that his tools are simple enough to be used in effectively any situation.

Jab jab jab.
Arghonaut has some of the best weak and medium attacks in the game. His punches can be used as an offense by themselves and are great at interrupting your opponent's momentum. In addition to being fast and having pretty good range, they can actually combo into some of Argh's stronger attacks. His jabs really pay off once you get a few Bulk Ups under your belt.

Strong attacks.
They're great. His standing close strong is almost as fast as his weaker attacks, and cancels directly into Mach Punch, Mega Punch, Cut, Jack Swing, and Revenge (also standing medium). A great all purpose move you'll be using a lot.
His standing far strong is also pretty good. Its speed is decent and the range is deceptive. Good for when playing footsies and while it doesn't combo directly from standing weak or medium, it can be used right after a string to catch an opponent trying to retaliate. It can also cancel into Mega Punch for 'mind games'.
Jump in strong is one of the best jump ins in the game. His low jump combined with the great angle and meaty hitbox makes it very hard to defend against.

You actually have four options after a Mach Punch. If you hit, follow up with the uppercut. Or you can attempt the low sword attack or the significantly slower overhead hook. The fourth option is actually very significant. Do nothing. Even if you hit, your opponent is probably anticipating the follow up uppercut. They'll likely not be thinking about reversaling or getting away meaning you'll often be able to follow up with a grab for even more damage while they're standing there holding block. Obviously, this gets less effective if your opponent starts to expect it, but it's a nice trick to squeeze in even more damage and keep your opponent guessing.

Cut is what makes Argh such a solid defensive character as well as offensive. You can pretty much use it anytime you want some breathing room, or just to slice a limb your opponent sticks out recklessly. Added bonus of leading to Mach Punch which wall slams allowing you to Bulk Up safely.

I only use Mega Punch sparingly, to catch jump ins more often than not. Any one use if particularly effectively? I know it's more handy in some matchups than others. Great for dealing with Syclant, might as well not exist versus Rev.

Revenge is probably one the best supers for sheer reliability. Because it's not invincible on startup, it can't function as a pure a reversal, but it's only a few frames til you hit those sweet invincibility frames, allowing you to plow through anything and everything. Argh does have a tough time against projectiles, but with a stock of super meter, you'll make them think twice about firing anything your way. I like to bait out a fireball by dashing forward and executing Revenge at about three Arghonaut lengths away. I've often screen froze just as they were about to shoot their projectile, Arghonaut just zooms past and pummels 'em. very satisfying, like.

If you haven't considered Arghonaut yet, I hope this has given you enough of a taste to want to try him out.

I'll leave you with this handy video guide for Argh Fim put together if you haven't seen it yet.
I agree with someone said about Argh: He's like Honda in that he's good against melee characters, but has trouble with projectiles. I don't have too much experience with him, but Pyroak in particular can throw Energy Ball and stop Arghonaut's jump in with flamethrower.

I've been able to get some decent meter with 5a, 2a, 5ab, but it feels kind of underwhelming because 5b doesn't combo into anything. It's still good to whittle down health after Bulk ups though.

Arghonaut also seems not to mind being in the corner as much as other characters, since cut and a/b normals are good defense.

While I'm posting, what's the list of characters that it's never safe to bulk up against, even after a mach punch wallslam? Colossoil comes to mind with dig, and I think other Arghonaut can punish with C mach punch, but I'm not sure.
I've been able to get some decent meter with 5a, 2a, 5ab, but it feels kind of underwhelming because 5b doesn't combo into anything. It's still good to whittle down health after Bulk ups though.
If you're fast enough to hit confirm with 5A you can go immediately into a 4C into Mach Punch. Otherwise 5A 5A 4C or even 5A 5B 5A 4C works if you're close enough.

Also, it has been designed so that Argh will always get a free bulk up opportunity after a Mach Punch wall slam unless you're already in the corner. Colossoil cannot dig after a wallslam. What's more, you can be gutsy and attempt to Bulk Up after a throw or Pirate Uppercut followup to MachPunch. You'll get the stat buff, but most characters will be able to punish you before the animation is fully complete.

It's funny that you'd bring up Honda, because the 'obvious' comparison would be Balrog, right? But at least the boxer has ways around fireballs.
What would be really fun is if Argh one day got a damaging command throw!

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