Teaching Yourself a Language


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Let me just say that as long as you know the basics of the language, playing a Pokémon game in the language is really helpful for learning it! I used a Chimecho in my Japanese playthrough of Y and learned what the move "いやしのねがい" was the hard way...
I attempted this with Omega Ruby, but my lacking Kanji knowledge forcing me down the Hiragana route combined with just how boring all four gen 6 games are relative to the other 'mons games I have played just made it extremely tiring and to play for more than half an hour at a time. That said, I can attest that in the short time I spent playing it my kana recognition speed went up substantially very quickly, and as such can confirm that this works in that regard.
I'd like to learn German and Japanese they seem interesting to learn but im learning french so when i have time i will learn those languages
Really don't need anything to become near fluent today for most languages.
Learned Japanese by reading Manga for like 3 and a half years, self-speaking to myself and watching japs on youtube play games. I was pretty much fluent in everything except pronunciation and then when i went to japan I fixed pronunciation after a long period of time. Just don't take it too seriously it's not like it really matters too much. Most interesting things from japanese are translated (with varying levels of success, mind you) besides like hentai, vns and lns all of which you can go without, lol. Effort is may more important than time in learning a language.

If anyone has any Russian tips/tricks, message me. Really struggling right now and have been going at it for like 4 months.

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