Team Submissions for Tournaments

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Players participating in official tournaments may submit teams via the Team Submissions Forum as a safety precaution should a disconnect happen.

This account will ONLY be accessed in the event of a recreation, at which time the teams will be viewed. Otherwise, this account will remain dormant. The Last Log In information of this account will be monitored regularly to ensure that it is not being accessed outside of the boundaries listed in this post.

Threads within the Team Submission subforum can only be viewed by the TeamSubmissions account; members of the TD team and Senior Staff do not have the permissions. DO NOT SUBMIT TEAMS VIA PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS WITH THIS ACCOUNT OR ANY TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR / HOST. Private Conversations via Smogon, as of 1/12/2018, do not count as submitting your team.

For additional security, when submitting teams to this account, please use . This service adds a layer of password protection onto the submissions, combined with our efforts to keep submissions segregated, this should be enough security to ensure no chance at impropriety.

I appreciate the understanding in this matter.
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Zarel has developed a new tool that allows games to quickly be exported and imported. This allows tournament directors to easily recreate games from the exact moment of the disconnection, without requiring either party to submit their teams. Among other things, this means that players will no longer be required to submit their teams before games, as the imports will restore all game features from the interrupted game exactly.

If a disconnection occurs, please notify a tournament director immediately. An available TD will then export the game data. TDs have a maximum window of three hours after a game concludes to export game data before the game expires, and require consent from both players to do so. Please note that in the case of a true DC, you must give your consent if the TDs attempt a recreation or the game will be considered an activity loss. If no TDs are online, please tag them in the official tours discord using the @Tournament Director tag.
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