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This thread is dedicated to technical support for Pokemon Online. Since we're not the Pokemon Online website, we merely use Pokemon Online, we may not have all of the answers to your questions. We'll still try. The only questions that belong here are those related to getting PO working or getting the server working. Any other questions related to Smogon's PO server, such as understanding the tiers or whatnot, belong here.


  1. Your questions should contain at least a brief explanation of what you're asking, even if it is the simplest of questions. The more detail you can provide, the easier the question is to answer.
  2. If you can't connect, post the error message you get, especially if you get a numbered error message.
  3. When answering yes or no questions, please quote the question you're referring to. It gets confusing otherwise.
  4. If you're not answering a question or asking one, your post does not belong here.
  5. If you have a bug to report that's specific to the server, such as an error in tiering, Dream World ability releases, commands not working, etc it does not go here. Make a new thread for each of those so that I can guarantee that they'll be seen.
  6. If you have a suggestion for the server, make a new thread, do not post it here. If you post it here, it will get lost and likely not addressed by me personally.
  7. If you want to ask a question about Shoddy Battle or Pokemon Laboratory, don't. Smogon doesn't support those simulators any longer.
  8. If you want to report driver / moderator / administrator power abuse or would like to appeal a ban, do so here and not in this thread.
  9. Pokemon Online bugs or questions that are related to the program itself and not the server should not be asked here or in this forum. Redirect those here instead.
  10. If you don't know what Pokemon Online is, or if you want to download it, please refer to its website here.
I downloaded pokemon lab and shoddy battle and i am struggling to set them up.
It keeps coming back

"Connect timed out"

Do i need to register somewhere first
I am having an issue with the smogon server. Around last week, I played a match on the server and then exited to make a new team, using a different trainer name. For the past week, I cannot access the server. The error that occurs when the server freezes is the reason that it gives me for this.However, the population correctly loads and all current players are shown on the sidebar. I assume that it has something to do with my IP address, because I recently played on the server on a different IP address and it worked just fine.Can somebody please help me, because I am sick of the PO server!
Look at the SQSA thread in this subforum. There was something like this on the last page. You probably have the same IP range as a troll and are banned. Ask R_D if you ca be put in the exception list if you are going to stick to one username.
I cant connect to Smogon's PO server. Other servers are fine. I get this message:
Error while connected to server -- Received error n°0: Connection refused
I just downloaded the CAP Sprites and Fusion Bolt Victini additions to PO. It worked fine for the first few hours, but then when I logged off and later tried to connect again, I got this message:

"Error while connected to server -- Received error n°0: Connection refused"

Other servers are fine, and I don't think the server's down because it says there are 433 people online.


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just look at the posts above yours. The server froze a few hours ago. Everybody is getting the same message.


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I'm able to get onto the Smogon server, but 2-5 minutes in I get an error and get disconnected. I have the latest update, I don't understand what's going wrong.
I don't know. It's possible you're on a dynamic IP and that IP is banned, but the IP and name from which you are currently posting is fine.
Soundblaster said:
How to I connect to Smogon's PO server?
Download and install PO, then go to the server list and double-click "Smogon University".
I always get this message when I connect to Smogon's PO Server;

Connected to Server! Your client version (1.0.21) doesn't match with the server's (1.0.20).
Welcome Message: Welcome to the Smogon University battle server!
Welcome Message: The updates are available at Report any bugs on the forum.
Error while connected to server -- Received error n°1: The remote host closed the connection
Disconnected from Server!

Is it because my client's version is different from the server's or is it something else?
I can't confirm if it's really because of the difference in versions 'cause I can't find any PO client version 1.0.20. PO's site only has client version 1.0.21
Ok! I downloaded PO, but when I try to connect it simply refuses my connection. What does that mean and how can I fix it?
Please help me!
you mean when you click "go online you get the message "Disconnected from the registry: Connection refused"?
If that's the case, go to and use the ip's to do advanced connection. Smogon is still down though. -.-
yes, exactly that error! Let me try your suggestion, thank you so much.

OMG IT WORKS! You have no idea how thankful I am.


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Just to get clarification, is the Smogon server up or not? It's not showing up on the list of servers... Am I just missing it or has it been removed from the list?

And if it is still active, how can one connect to it?
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