Temporary crown safety

Well first, you're going to need to hire a Royal Guard whose job is to stand right outside standing with sheer indifference to all tourists, passerbys, and secret service agents of the National Dental Association that are out to steal your crown.
When a card enters play under your control with an effect that causes you to become the Monarch, Monarch becomes a permanent rules addition to the game state until the end of the match. A player is always the Monarch, and the player who is the Monarch draws a card on their end step. If an opponent deals combat damage to the Monarch's life total, the damaged player loses Monarch status and the attacking player gains Monarch status. If a player who has the Monarch status would leave the game through other means, such as conceding or an alternative win condition causing them to lose without combat damage, Monarch status is transferred to the player who controls the active turn. If the active turn player was the monarch and does an action that would cause them to lose the game, such as drawing a card from an empty library, then Monarch status is transferred to the player whose turn it would be next, following the normal turn rules.

Avoid sugary foods, such as soda, glazed desserts, or sorry to say. Ice cream. Sugar always has the potential to harm teeth, but particularly right now there is a very small gap in your teeth where dissolved liquid sugars could get in and get stuck and crystalize inside. This can lead to some incredibly harmful effects, so it's really worth being vigilant about.

Avoid acidic foods, such as... sodas, including the unsweetened club sodas or mineral water. Coffees, most teas, most berries, and fruit juices. Tomatoes and anything pickled are fine as a component of a larger meal, like hamburger toppings but it's worth thinking "Maybe today is not the day for spaghetti" for being a highly acidic dish.

Avoid hard foods and foods that don't dissolve softly in crumb form, like nuts and potato chips. Preparations like peanut butter are okay, if they're unsweetened. Store bought Jif and similar are far too sugary to be safe. Wheat crackers can be quite soft even when they have a snap element and get softer if their crumbs get somewhere so those should be safe to snack with. Corn chips tend to stay intact past a certain point and shatter into very small crumbs and can end up wedged and stuck in between the gap indefinitely, which can also lead to separation of the crown beyond the sanitary concerns so I would advise against nachos right now. Salsas are acidic too!

Be mindful about spicy food. Dry rubs like fajita seasoning will be largely okay, you don't have to go around asking "how much pepper and ground cayenne is on this chicken exactly?" but capsaicin can inflame any part of your mouth. Including the open part of your tooth under your temporary crown, which would be. Really bad. But far more likely, it would simply imflame your gums and really hurt for a while. Hot sauces and hot curries are often acidic anyways so it'd be ill advised in the first place.

Alcohol can hide a surprisingly high sugar content and acidity, so if you're going to partake in vices or other party favours make sure you know what you're consuming, especially as they can interact with medication, including painkillers, antibiotics, and anesthetics. All of which you might be on right now.
Your healthcare providers office probably has an email you can message with ANY questions or concerns you have about your care, and they really do need to know if you're having fun out there. Certain party favours will kill you if they're mixed with dental anesthetics. So y'know. Use that resource if it's available to you, and let them be part of your care. And daily maintenance medication like insulin or allergy meds still count as "meds you're on!" to doctors.
Now is a great time to experiment with soups and stews and pureeing them for consistent textures. Chowders and vichyssoises can be flavoured in anyway you want, I'm particularly fond of chicken and corn chowders for a main dish and vichyssoise with spinach and cream for a side soup.
Beans and lentils cook soft and have a wide variety of flavours they can become.
Rice dishes even as simple as using stock or broth instead of water to flavour it as cooking is a vast world. Additions like Cajun red beans and rice, or formed and stuffed with ground meat in preparations like onigiri. Most meat can be cooked tender enough to be safe. sandwiches are safe if you don't throw a potato chip in them. French fries are soft so terrifyingly, chip butties are okay considering that it'll kill you in other ways.
Most every vegetable will steam or blanch into being really tender. Branched greens are great to add to otherwise plain soups! Don't forget about soft tortillas and pitas.

Try not to puke. Vomit is largely stomach acid and it WILL stick to your teeth and do acidic damage. You'll want to clean your teeth as soon as you can without y'know, puking again. If you're unlucky enough for this to be relevant.

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