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hello, if you don't know me, i'm slurmz. i generally play ru, lc, adv, dpp, and gsc s my main tiers. i wanted to share this team that has done quite well for me over the last couple of months. also, i haven't rmt'd in ru before, with it as my supposed main as i build in the teambuilding lab for it e.e. while i haven't achieved anything particularly noteworthy with this team, i can say with one hundred percent certainty it's quite the solid build (although it was used in a pokeaim video if that counts as anything). the build utilizes several underused, however potent sets including sd escavalier which my friend 49 introduced to me as well as sub punch poliwrath. the nicks and title from this rmt / team come from album terminal redux by vektor, great as fuck album n band. also, click the links next to the nicks on the mons as they'll take to the specific songs on the album (however listening to the whole album in one sitting is much more enjoyable). also im literally ass at intros / descrips so here we go

i'm not particularly interesting in getting rates for this team (more of a team showcase), but if you have a suggestion i didn't cover in alt. options feel free to mention it. thanks : ).

start of the team

fire resist and rocks

fighting check that weakens steels

another sneasel check while toxicing bulky waters for escav and fletch

secondary fighting check, speed control, and a wincon that appreciates steels being weakened

needed an electric check as well as a pivot and hazard removal

escavalier @
| overcoat
adamant | 248 hp / 16 atk / 12 def / 232 spd

  • protect
  • megahorn
  • swords dance
  • drill run
overview / set choice:

this specific escavalier was the cause of the inception of its team. escavalier in itself has been quite the menace in the rarelyused metagame. normally, it is able to tear apart teams with its band set or act as decent pivot / pursuit trapper with its av set. this set is meant to punish many teams, mostly the aromatisse / mola balance as it can sd on many things including the aforementioned aromatisse. using this rather than the rest-talk mono-attacking set gives it more flexibility of play in balance and bulky offense match-ups, since you can actually catch the emboar switch, scout it out, and go from there. also, the coverage is p nice while not relying on sleep talk to pull moves.

alternative options:

pursuit is a nice option in either the tect or sd slots, allowing for easier counter play versus hoopa, who can be a nuisance to this team.

diancie @
| clear body

relaxed | 248 hp / 164 def / 96 spd
  • stealth rock
  • moonblast
  • heal bell
  • diamond storm
overview / set choice:

diancie is the select rocker of the team, cleric, and mostly the glue of the team. rocks are pivotal to any team, and diancie was the perfect option here as it has nice type synergy with escavalier, and can heal it of potential scald burns, paras. also, diancie has decent offenses and can hit decently hard, so it isn't a complete momentum drain.

some main things this spread achieves:

  • avoids 3hko from specs boomburst from exploud
  • dodges the 2hko from +2 life orb houndoom's fire blast
  • evades the 3hko from +4 fletchinder
  • prevents absol from ohkoing with +2 life orb superpower
  • isn't 2hkoed by banded emboar's flare blitz.
alternative options:

nothing lol

sigilyph @
| magic guard

timid | 252 hp / 4 def / 252 spe

  • calm mind
  • roost
  • psycho shift
  • air slash
overview / set choice:

standard shift set from sigilyph. this thing finds itself on the team because it's achieves several things that the team needs. firstly, it provides a fighting check, particularly scarf medicham / hitmonlee. secondly, it acts as a wincon versus balance / stall squads while still being able to spreading burns via speed and decent bulk. lastly, and the most important part to me, is that it weakens steel types / flying checks via the aforementioned psycho shift and repeated air slashes. this, in part, helps fletchinder sweep.

alternative options:

an LO set? still weakens steels but loses out on the game winner aspect, which i really dig.

poliwrath @
| water absorb
adamant | 248 hp / 172 atk / 20 spd / 68 spe

  • focus punch
  • waterfall
  • substitute
  • toxic
overview / set choice:

admittedly, i may have fallen off my rocker with this set, but i generally like it. it's neat because it maintains its defensive qualities while not being overly passive. it can sub on supposed counters in blastoise, jellicent, and alomomola without fear and toxic then, also helping fletch and escavalier rip through teams. while venusaur hard walls this set, venu does provide sigilyph, fletch, and escavalier with more room to get their jobs done

some important things this spread does:

  • avoids the ohko from +2 life orb hp grass from houndoom
  • outspeeds most variants of jellicent
  • deals 90% with focus punch to virizion.
alternative options:

standard resttalk if you wish to lose tons of momentum and style points :(

fletchinder @ | gale wings
adamant | 152 hp / 244 atk / 76 def / 28 spd / 8 spe

  • acrobatics
  • will-o-wisp
  • roost
  • swords dance
overview and set choice:

fletchinder is the main win-condition for the team, especially versus offense. with strong priority in acrobatics in tandem with swords dance, after some damage on the opposing team's checks fletchinder is set to sweep. fletchinder also acts like a secondary fighting check, revenging annoying fighters if sigi were to go down or if they locked themselves into scarf knock off. speaking of which, it's the team's main way of speed control, revenging not just fighters but over faster threats as well.

what does this spread do?:

  • def evs ensure nothing from band escava 2hkoes assuming it is burned the subsequent turn
  • def evs also make sure fletch isnt 2hkoed by knock from drapion and band scrafty
  • spd evs make sure specs tangrowth never ohkos fletch after rocks with leaf storm
alternative options:

this is standard fletch, not much to replace it with. 49 has a cool set with taunt > sd which could have some merits here but overall the late game cleaner aspect with sd is too nice to pass up.

160 HP / 252 Atk / 80 SpD / 16 Spe (alternate spread) it still has the extra speed creep and lives a life orb modest venusaur sludge bomb 100% of the time from full.

flygon @
| levitate
careful | 168 hp / 28 def / 204 spd / 108 spe

  • defog
  • earthquake
  • roost
  • u-turn
overview and set choice:

electrip types seemed annoying at this point, as well as the lack of hazard removal was frustrating to deal with. furthermore, cm delphox in tandem with something that appreciates diancie weakened was difficult to face. flygon also helps with our slight weakness to venusaur, being able to tank leaf storms from it and roost them off. it also pivots very nicely, allowing me to bring in my breakers much more easily. this spread allows flygon to outspeed up to +speed base 70s, which include threats like hoopa and magneton.

alternative options:

faster flygon i presume? i feel like that wouldn't work in this slot since i'm a bit weak to delphox

vs DTC: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ru-383424160

vs Laurens: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ru-383429156
vs Ryoma Nagare: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ru-383429316

charging the void (Escavalier) (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Overcoat
EVs: 248 HP / 16 Atk / 12 Def / 232 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Protect
- Megahorn
- Drill Run
- Swords Dance

liquid crystal disease (Diancie) @ Leftovers
Ability: Clear Body
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 248 HP / 164 Def / 96 SpD
Relaxed Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Moonblast
- Heal Bell
- Diamond Storm

psychotropia (Sigilyph) (M) @ Flame Orb
Ability: Magic Guard
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Air Slash
- Roost
- Psycho Shift
- Calm Mind

ultimate artificer (Poliwrath) (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: 248 HP / 172 Atk / 20 SpD / 68 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Substitute
- Focus Punch
- Waterfall
- Toxic

collapse (Fletchinder) (M)
Ability: Gale Wings
EVs: 152 HP / 244 Atk / 76 Def / 28 SpD / 8 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Swords Dance
- Acrobatics
- Will-O-Wisp
- Roost

pteropticon (Flygon) (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 168 HP / 28 Def / 204 SpD / 108 Spe
Careful Nature
- U-turn
- Earthquake
- Roost
- Defog

tons of friends i can think off the bat, also these last descrips were rushed as fuck, sorry if they were shit.

my tru dudes:

lighthouses , Feliburn Kableye, thecrystalonix, Chakra, DTC, Lax, Ice Tea, Shiba, rozes, Ren-chon, Meteordash, Josh, Ryan Grant, Irraquated, EonX, nv, -Tsunami-, Omfuga, Brick Small., Arifeen, Laurens , Dundies Megazard Ryoma Nagare, gorex, Shaneghoul, MrAldo, Scythe.
my lc friends:
mad0ka, Corporal Levi, ZoroarkForever, Tahu, Cheek Pouch, absdaddy, Merritt, tcr, Vileman, Quote, Jac, Aerow , Crystalites , TheFenderStory , Fiend , my lcpl team, love trash :]
hc friends:
SCHEFF, Lord Outrage, Lacus Clyne, TraceofLife
mis putas:

Jhonx~ , DennisEG, thunder n' blazes, Cranham, Dominatio
Tricking, fran17, Lange, Haund, smilzo, Lavenderkarp
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Hi Slurmz, nice team. Really like the innovation with Escavalier + Poliwrath. SD Escavalier can really catch opponents off guard especially as almost all run AV or band. Sub + Focus Punch is also a nice Poliwrath set that I haven't seen or considered so far, but it looks like it's working for you as it takes advantage of mons like Blastoise. Also the Diancie and Flygon spreads are really nice as they capitalize on checking the threats that can damage this team. However, I have some additional options that you haven't mentioned in alternative options that could potentially assist you.
Instead of an alternative in investing too much in speed, A possibility with Flygon would be running 108 speed, for an updated spread of EVs: 168 HP / 28 Def / 204 SpD / 108 Spe. The reason for this is based on Mega Steelix's ban which makes the threat of Specs Analytic Magneton is very imminent. Magneton is threatening to this team due to Sigilyph not having Heat Wave, and 4/6 Pokemon expressing a weakness to it's stabs. Flygon does not outspeed it as Magneton primarily run a timid nature. This spread allows you to outspeed up to +Speed base 70s, which include threats like Hoopa and Magneton. Hoopa is another threat this spread outspeeds and I feel is necessary to outspeed, due to its wall breaking presence and not having a fully specially defensive Diancie. This speed tier allows you to OHKO Magneton with earthquake, and wittle Timid Life Orb Hoopa (a very common variant) with earthquake as you outspeed both of these. This change does not decrease bulk too much as Venusaur still will not be able to 2HKO you with leaf storm due to the -2 drop, and you will have a high chance to survive up to a +2's Delphox's psychic and return with an Earthquake.
I really like the uniqueness and innovation of the Poliwrath set, and would not recommend changing the set however with running 64 speed you are most notably speed-tieing with Blastoise. This can be a problem because it can toxic you before you sub if it wins the speed-tie. In this case i would recommend adding 4 more EVs to speed and taking the EVs from HP as this will be a neglible change to bulk.
Just a little nitpick, but on Fletchinder I would recommend running like 8 speed EVs just to outspeed other Fletchinder if you are put in a situation where the speed tie matters. Especially if your fletchinder is at low health but at a good amount of other health, opponents may desperately try their luck and try to revenge your Fletchinder with their own. In this case, the updated spread of 144 hp / 252 atk / 76 def / 28 spd / 8 spe can be beneficial.

Overall, I really like this team, and think you made it very well. A lot of the possibilities you mentioned in the alternative options are also viable. Hopefully my suggestions help. :toast:

my banner was way better than this trash.

anyway i really like the poliwrath set. ive never really viewed cb escavalier as something worth preparing for on fletchinder, especially since you have poliwrath. perhaps consider a set like this: 160 HP / 252 Atk / 80 SpD / 16 Spe, it still has the extra speed creep for all those morons using 0 speed fletchinder and also lives a life orb modest venusaur sludge bomb 100% of the time from full. the team is great how it is though, thanks for the shout out friend! :D
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omg slurmz ur so tiny ;w;

A small change you can consider is using subtox seismitoad instead of poliwrath. Note that this change is quite minor so it's not at all a necessary change in order to keep using the team, but it is a worthy consideration if in e.g. a tour match you feel that Seismitoad would match up better against your opponent's team! Seismitoad has a few benefits over poliwrath: Scald; it can set subs up on registeel due to 101 HP subs; it has better matchups against rhyperior, venusaur, aromatisse, and slowking; and it alleviates significant pressure off of flygon for dealing with electrics as hp ice manectric, rotom, and magneton all heavily threaten your current build. The main downsides for using seismitoad would be a decreased ability to defensively check darks and lower offensive pressure particularly against virizion and meloetta.

Seismitoad @ Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs / nature can be tinkered with to fit your team
Substitute / Toxic / Scald / Earth Power or Sludge Wave
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Hey Slurmz,

This is a really neat team, and I especially appreciate the wrath set alongside SD Exca. A good while ago I also realized SD Esca had a lot of potential, and I had built several teams around it. One thing I did differently than you was to use SD 3 Atks, but after seeing SD Tect in the replays, I must admit that it works pretty well. I tried building some more balanced iterations with this mon, but I have to say that I didn't like any of them nearly as much as this team, and that poliwrath set is much better than the refresh or resttalk set i was using lol.

That being said, I do have a slight suggestion for you. On the semistall team that I used esca on, I used a spread of 248 HP / 16 Atk / 8 Def / 152 SpD / 84 Spe. While it reduces a bit from your special bulk, I prefer having a bit of speed so that you don't get outrun by slowking (burns or the rare fire blast suck), and it also gives you the jump on other escavalier. It doesn't give escavalier the edge vs too many things, however, and the loss of bulk may not be preferable, so feel free whatever you want with this. I was mostly just looking for an excuse to post and compliment this team anyway.

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