Terrakion (All-Out Attacker) (QC 2/3)

Keldeo can't do much against Toxicroak, Jellicent, or Celebi, the right coverage move on Terrakion help get rid of them
No coverage move on Terrakion's arsenal is going to be doing much to Jellicent.

You can add that Dragonite (who is alot more common than Luke) as well as Salamence appreciate Landorus-T and Gliscor gone.

Agree with Fuzznip, Protect has certainly got alot more cons then pros. Even if you manage to scout and are lucky enough fore the opposing Steel-type to be choiced, the opponent can double switch ya know? If you're wrong and they set up Wish/ SD or whatever they are going to, you put yourself iin a pretty bad situation.

At the very least it should be Earthquake / Protect?

Just my thoughts, up to QC though
You're talking about coverage-coverage, right, and not STAB? Because with Rocks LO Stone Edge always 2HKOs. I'll reword that bit/move Jellicent around in that case.
Well, that's my preferred layout, and I've got two QC members backing it, so I'll edit that accordingly.

EDIT: The deed is done. moved Quick Attack to AC and also dropped all mention of Sacred Sword.
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Keep the nature as Naive and use the EV spread with 4 SpA. Also, maybe mention Jellicent as a decent partner to tank Scizor's Bullet Punch and Conkeldurr's Mach Punch. It covers a lot of Terrakion's weaknesses.

The primary EV spread is still 4 SpA with Naive, do you want me to drop the alternate spread to AC?

EDIT: Added mention of Jellicent. I won't be able to write until Sunday afternoon, I'm out of town right now.
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You should also slash Expert Belt Terrakion as an option also. Although you lose some power, many opponenents will believe that you are choice scarfed, the most common Terrakion set. It also lures in Gliscor and Landorus-T more effectively. I've been using it lately and it's amazing.


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I tried Substitute in the 4th slot and it actually was really good and is propably much better than Protect. Terrakion has a pretty easy time forcing switches and subsitute is one of the best ways to capitalize that for terrakion since he can OHKO most faster offensive Pokemon with LO and 2HKO alot of defensive ones thanks to HP Ice easing the prediction needed a lot.

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