Thank You, B101


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I've been the leader of B101 for over 5 years now and it feels like it's been an eternity. You all saw this coming and I hope I did this position justice, because I always wanted to lead B101 ever since I got my first badge in 2008 as a tutor. The program then is completely different from what it is now, but that's how it is when the forum itself has changed so much. I'd keep going if I had the willpower, but I've lost my fire long ago.

I've met so many friends over my 10+ years on Smogon that I knew that there would always be a place in Battling 101 to be my internet home no matter how old I was. But I've seen all these people come and go throughout my time here, and you become numb to the drama and the community as a whole the longer you stay. What good is an internet home without knowing the people in your circle? As my interest in competitive Pokemon waned, so did my desire to meet new people on Smogon.

Although I no longer have time to dedicate time to this site, life's been going great for me...and that's why I don't feel any remorse about leaving. I need to dedicate more time towards my career, and I guess that's part of growing up. Despite all this I've never been happier, and while times are still hectic for me, I at least have a stable job, a SO, a good bunch of friends and a family.

I started my competitive Pokemon journey in 2007 and found my way here in 2008 as a 13 year old kid playing DP on Shoddy Battle, and I've seen so many people come and go for all different sorts of reasons. There are way too many people to count that I'd love to sit down and chat with from my experiences with CAP, RMT, B101, 9.9, and so many more. I'm hardly old by any means, but I've spent nearly half my life here on this site. And while most if not all of these people have moved on to greater things with their lives, I love you all like family.

Battling 101 shoutouts.

Blue Kirby, thanks for taking a chance on a nobody from CAP as a tutor.

Bass, for being an inspiring tutor and giving me a blueprint for what B101 should be about, and what tutoring as a whole should be about.

Bloo, I don't hate you for all the shit that you've pulled on this site, and while you prioritized fame and glory over your relationships with others on Smogon, I forgive you. We are still friends in my book. You've never done me dirty personally, and you've been a great friend. While you fucked up big time, I still gotta thank you for bringing me aboard the B101 Staff train and sticking out your hand to me and Fuzznip when we were pissed off at others on this site. I know you're still lurking somewhere, and if not, then life has truly become better for you.

Limitless, thanks for taking a chance on me as well and allowing me to become the leader of B101. I think you left because of some stupid shit but I've seen worse. That's just how shit be on this site I guess.

Shiba, Leftiez, Mahlzeit , EonX, Steven Snype, IronBullet, Yagura, Jio - Thanks for being great B101 mods. You guys had my back and I hope I had yours.

Tutee gang: v, TEzeon, scimjara, accipender, cyclotj, knightsofhallow, yoshiya, david case, just to name a few. There are so many more that I haven't named, but you guys were all great tutees and made my time here so enjoyable. Love you guys.

yung krook out.


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Hey, as someone who you took care of while I was a tutour, thanks for everything. I think smogon really benefited from having you around all these years.

See you around +!


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Time sure flies, doesn't it? Feels hard to believe it has been more than 10 years since we first met. I still log into this site every once in a while and was pleasantly surprised to see a mention today.

Anyways, glad to hear from you, Plus! Hope life treats you well for years to come.


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Despite quitting too, today i felt like i needed to log in and saw ur hl. This is definitly a perfect timing bro, like if something brought me here to read this post.

You have been an emblem for this site and i dont think someone will forgive you, b101 has been my first accomplished contribution in this site and it clearly would never happen without you, so thank you v much and i hope you will do fine IRL.

Peace :)
Same as Leftiez, despite quitting 3 years ago I log in once in a while and I saw the highlight. Even though most good-bye threads make us feel sad about the person "leaving" the forums but yours made me fill up with pride and joy that we had such an iconic leader in our forums.

I was a part of the program for less than two years and a moderator for less than 9 months but I still felt like a member of a wonderful family inside the B101 program.

Thank you for making the B101 how great it is today, and thank you for your trust since day 1 until the end, and I hope your journey in life will be as great as your journey in these forums was.

Tuteur pour un jour, tuteur pour toujours.

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