Tournament The ADV ZU Cup - Won by Mana

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My opponent (Sifi) missed his deadline by like a half hour. We double checked our time zones and made sure we knew when it would be (4pm my time, 6pm theirs). It took prompting from multiple others for me to call time
Calling act, opponent showed late, then went offline after finally messaging me. wrote on his wall and waited for 2.5 hrs to get the game but alas. have screenshots too
e: another half hour waited and no return
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Activity Decisions
sketchy ecchi
vs. zizalith
SBPC vs. Ikey
byronthewellwell vs. Rav3ndan


zoowi vs. boulicrok
Rexus vs. Eramoth
AlolanSableye21 vs. Sificon
Celysi vs. Yay
ZoroDark vs. TonyFlygon
ayedan vs. Funbot28
Averardo vs. Ereshkigal
UBERLandon21 vs. Ampha

Will Post Round 3 at earliest convenience. May be in 4 hours...


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Round 3

(Winner of Celysi vs Yay) vs Wanonymous1616
Ho3nConfirm3d vs (Winner of UBERLandon21 vs Ampha)
Riccio vs (Winner of ZoroDark vs TonyFlygon)
Broken Phobias vs LPY
Descending vs HSOWA
(Winner of AlolanSableye21 vs. Sificon) vs (Winner of Averardo vs Ereshkigal)
(Winner of Rexus vs Eramoth) vs Mana
Yami vs Eeveeto
7shoes vs RawMelon
sketchy ecchi vs czim
Rav3ndan vs (Winner of zoowi vs. boulicrok)
SBPC vs (Winner of ayedan vs. Funbot28)

Deadline is Sunday June 30th at 9pm EST. Best of luck to everyone!
Extentions Deadline is Thursday June 27th at 9pm EST.
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