Championship - Type A The All Gen Tournament - Round 1


Through the storms, through the clouds, the rain..
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Won 4-2 against Bihi
G1: SM --> Scarflando took me by surprise and I lost an important mon at the start of the match, lost.
G2: RBY --> Was winning, but then his tauros started critting/paraing everything on his way and 6-0d, lost.
G3: DPP --> Won clean, cool match
G4: ORAS ---> Haxy on both sides, but won.
G5: ADV ---> Idk how. Am I the best gen3 player on the site. Won
G6: BW ----> Won in a tough one :o

We didn't play gsc, worst meta ever seen in ages :3


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I could sub in if necessary, might be fun
Tomahawk vs. Melle2402
my opponent wants to play next friday after the deadline. Sub or extension?
it's one day so it'll be granted. better happen
SoulWind vs. snagaa
Opponent gave me the win.
Twixtry vs. Omfuga
my opponent is inactive as f*ck need new fighter
Floppy vs. davidness

I don't have enough subs for these other guys but I'm aware of what's been going on. people who join tours and give the win should be banned

opp hasn't replied to my vm
my opponent is inactive
Opponent gave me the win.
My opponent didn't answer my VM yet
Opp gave me the win, vm's on his wall

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