Tournament The Anything Goes Open [Round 2]

activity, insanely difficult to schedule with, i offer 20+ hours a week that i can play and he responds with one hour thats 3am. He then provides clearly incorrect scheduling times (12am-11pm doesn't make sense and he probably meant 12pm), in which i give him a sizable window during his specified times. I was on for the entire window specified, I specifically told him to pm me when he was on, and i saw him leave the ag room (I'm on PS! like all day) and when i VM'd him about it he still is yet to respond.

update: was given win
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i hate doing this but calling activity. I've been waiting for an hour and he missed the scheduled time. I searched on ps and sent a message on smogon 30 minutes into my waiting time. He also hasn't been on since he agreed to the time set :s



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My scheduling with Catalystic in case activity is called. Times in GMT+8

Pretty bad scheduling from him (didn't give availability + didn't respond until this morning) but admittedly I was somewhat at fault for not VMing first / not being specific enough?? I guess? I was chilling on PS most of the time though and never got a message from him

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