The Apocalypse Mini-Tournament [Won by RT.]


but then what's left of me?
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Lost to Godsend in a gg, RNG was not in my favor but he played better anyways, best of luck in the rest of the tourney :)


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Won vs coolstorybrobat in a close and very good game n_n (btw was nice to have an active and good opp :])


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[18:49:53] <Felix> I can do ubers open, but you can take the win for the minitour
[18:50:01] <Felix> haven't got any time to build a team :(


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RT. wanted me to post matchups b/c he is in the tourney

Round 2:

Hulavuta vs TPO3
Nglittleguy vs Diatom
Pokemazter vs Ace Emerald
Lolkomori vs Mylo Xyloto
Godsend vs FastFlygon
vs CBTerrakion
RT. vs Somalia
-Manu- vs Dr Ciel

RT edit: deadline is 5 days from this post, Thursday at 1:00pm PST
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I've already told Mylo that if we couldn't battle I would give him the win, sorry I should've said that earlier on the thread.

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