Championship - Type A The Button Clicker Tournament - Round 1


Banned deucer.

MiyoKa VS Eternal Spirit- no response from eternal spirit; miyoka gets act.
BIHI VS Stan Soojung- no response from bihi; stan gets act.
Magearna8000 VS Leo- leo never responded to magearna's vm; magearna gets act
Flex81 VS BKC- no response from flex; beck gets act
ProfessorMasterChief VS TropicalTeo- told to take the win
Eden. VS Drud- was scheluded, but no win/loss was posted. drud won coin flip
Picollo VS FLCL- no sign up contact. flcl won coin flip
psychicmewtwo VS Endal- no sign up contact. endal won coin flip
Bongi VS imsosorrylol- no sign up contact. bongi won coin flip

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