The BW2 Doubles Tourney Round 2

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Banned deucer.
beat thesweeper in 2 ggs, have the logs saved ('twas on PO, if i can figure out how to convert them into replays i'll post them, they were both good matches)
Well Ace Emerald and me were in contact the whole round, we just didn't find a good time to battle, if you don't give us an extension then give him the win though, because it wouldn't be ok if i get two activity wins even though my opponents were both active.
Round 2 is over.

Will have decisions on incomplete matches shortly.

-Ace Emerald will advance due to Living Things giving him the win.

-Pocket will advance on activity because no one has seen Princess_Bri

-NixHex and Raseri's match was coin flipped due to both players being inactive and as such Raseri will advance.

-The match between ThePillsburyDoughboy and .Robert will be coinflipped since the battles never got done, and as such .Robert will advance.

-Vinc2612 will advance in his battle against H-C because the latter went skiing without informing me or making any posts about it in the thread.

Round 3 will be up shortly.
Not open for further replies.

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