Metagame The Card Game (DLC 2 bans at post #74!)

Chien-Pao shines as a versatile asset in competitive play, offering robust options against Dark and Steel types with Sacred Sword, and Psychic Fangs to counter the prevalent Fighting threats. Its necessity for Heavy-Duty Boots hardly dampens its offensive prowess, seamlessly integrating with key Pokémon to exert formidable pressure. The synergy not only facilitates Chien-Pao's entry onto the field but also strategically burdens its few counters. Moreover, its adaptability to both snow and rain teams elevates its performance, with snow aiding its switches and rain amplifying its STAB water moves by 50%, coupled with the potential for a Swords Dance boost. This unique blend of attributes led to its ban, underscoring its impact. For more insights, visit [LINK REDACTED] Chien-Pao's strategic prominence in weather-based teams and its ability to challenge checks make it a noteworthy mention in the competitive scene.
This paragraph is so well-written I'm tempted to think its source is ChatGPT. It's a shame though; Chien Pao is banned, and has been since before the DLCs dropped. See its ban post here.

Edit: after re-reading the ban post, it does look like this post may have taken it and put it through a thesaurus, which is somewhat amusing.
Like, seriously, read these two posts side by side:
PSA: They came back a week later and edited in the rest of the ban post's content, along with a link to an advertisement! Watch out for these types of stealth spambots trying to blend in.

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