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Approved by Kink and Hogg Co-hosted by PinkDragonTamer. Remodified from the ORAS UU version run by CoolStoryBrobat. Art stolen by CoolStoryBrobat, who shamelessly stole it from the OU version!



Hello people of Underused! Welcome to the Dark Horse Project, adapted from CoolStoryBrobat in ORAS. Lets face it, ladder is known for being tedious, stressful, and boring. The goal of this project is to renew peoples interest in ladder by providing a fun format to make laddering enjoyable. Pokemon is nothing without innovation, and this project is about using our tiers Dark Horse’s to discover new ways to play. By using Pokemon that hide in the nether regions of usage, we can find ways to revolutionize this tier. In short, the Dark Horse project allows competitors to choose 2 Pokemon with 2% usage or less and build a team around them. Then competitors compete for the highest ELO ranking on the Gen 7 UU ladder. A more thorough and complete explanation will be found in the rules. Please message me clarifying questions if you are confused!


  • You must choose two Pokemon on the list of usage stats (here) that have had less than 2% usage in the previous month. I will update the (here) with the new months usage stats every time!
  • You must build a completely original team with the two Pokemon. The entire team's usage stats combined must have 30% usage or less!
  • Post your team in this thread. Your post must contain each Pokemon individual usage and the total usage of the team. Make sure to notify me if you make any edits and label your post accordingly.
  • Your team post must also contain the two Dark Horse Pokemon you will be using, as well as the name of the fresh alt you will be laddering with.
  • Once your sign up post has been completed, you will have an entire month to ladder on your fresh alt. Your goal will to be to ladder as high as possible in that month. Your highest ranking will be your peak score, not your final score. Make sure to provide screen shot evidence of your highest ELO ranking during that month.
  • You will enter the Hall of Fame with your Dark Horse(s) if and only if you achieved the highest ELO ranking with that specific Dark Horse. If you did not achieve the highest ELO ranking then you will not be placed in the Hall of Fame.
  • Every month, the Hall of Fame will be preserved, but the slate will be wiped clean and the Dark Horse project will start anew. I challenge you to use new Pokemon every single month.
  • You can only enter the Hall of Fame with a certain Pokemon once. However if you haven’t entered the Hall of Fame with that Pokemon you can. Someone entering the Hall of Fame with a Pokemon in the previous month in no way affects you entering the Hall of Fame with that Pokemon.
  • All posts including info about Dark Horses, research, findings, opinions, and discussion questions are welcomed in this thread. Post away!
  • Teams can be edited, altered, and changed as long as the Dark Horse Pokemon stay the same, and the teams total usage percentage remains below or exactly 30%.
  • Quitting the Dark Horse Project and attempting to reenter with new Dark Horse Pokemon is not allowed, stick with your choices! You have an entire month to ladder, or at least explain any findings and discussion you may have about the Pokemon you used.
Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame will consist of 4 different ranks. A rank will be achieved if one ladders with their team to or above 1750 ELO. B rank will be achieved if one ladders with their team to or above 1700 ELO. C rank will be achieved if one ladders with their team to or above 1600 ELO. D rank will be achieved if one ladders with their team to or above 1500 ELO.


If you do decide to participate in this project in any way, thank you. If you don’t want to compete this month, think about joining in another month. For all of those rearing and roaring to go, happy laddering!


A Rank


B Rank



C Rank

D Rank

Project was on hold

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I was gonna build a team around these two anyway, so here goes nothing!

night siren
Houndoom-Mega | 1.24035%
Tsareena | 1.78293%

Seismitoad | 4.38781%
Nihilego | 4.58519%
Sylveon | 7.12457%
Mienshao | 1.24185% Cobalion | 8.00659%

== 27.12744%
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Well I've got me a team with these already so why not

Chesnaught | 1.46427%
Diancie | 0.36341%

Blissey | 8.85671%
Slowbro-Mega | 3.05373%
Crobat | 9.11995%
Quagsire | 2.79232%
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Feraligatr | 1.32244% <- Dark Horse
Exploud | 0.06867% <- Dark Horse
Azelf | 6.10202%
Serperior | 11.85281%
Terrakion | 6.42458%
Donphan | 0.96327% <- Very likely to be changed
Total | 26.73379%


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so you basically made a ult with bad mons and no ribbon
alt:dark horseshit
Zygarde-10% | 0.42210%
Swoobat | 0.02805%
Alomomola | 5.34100%
Blissey | 8.85671%
Magneton | 4.95389%
Togekiss | 8.79617%
total: 28.39792
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alt: dhp shitmons

Archeops | 0.10778%
Lucario | 1.57254%
Decidueye | 1.88416%

Kommo-o | 8.43291%
Bruxish | 0.04633%
Aerodactyl-Mega | 12.23807%

Total: 24.28179

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alt: dhp Zesty

Silvally-Steel| 0.08491%
Altaria-Mega| 11.96798%
Goodra| 1.16626%
Snorlax| 2.04604%
Mandibuzz| 0.54871%
Suicune| 6.45851%
Gligar| 0.05813%
Total: 20.39979

edit: replaced suicune with gligar have not started to ladder yet hope thats cool
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Dark Horse Team
Alt is TheCommunistDitto because my other alt was taken
Galvantula 0.83837% <- dark horse
Necrozma 1.10373% <- dark horse
Metagross 3.67504%
Talonflame 1.40604%
Rotom-Heat 2.62487%
Haxorus 4.42413%
Total: 14.07218%
edit: terrak was added over coba
another edit: terrak and tsareena were removed and replaced with meta and talonflame
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I'm looking to take part in the DHP. I'm currently working on a team, but the total usage percent is 30.068. Does this still qualify as "30% or less" or will I need to restructure my team?

I'm assuming no since later on in the rules it states "exactly 30%".


Forretress | 1.926% | Dark Horse
Jellicent | 0.967% | Dark Horse
Krookodile | 10.165% |
Sharpedo-Mega | 7.493% |
Cresselia | 1.326% |
Chandelure | 8.191% |

Total = 30.068%

I got this % from the recently updated usage statistics. The current ones in the OP would total 30.29112%.

Thanks for answers.
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Alt = poisondarkhorse
Toxicroak 0.23472%
Slowking 0.24033%
Rotom-Heat 3.01993%
Diancie 0.59511%
Beedrill-Mega 7.07161%
Crawdaunt 6.19309%

Total = 17.35419
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