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PS Staff's version of the Smogcast, if you don't know what that is you can watch the previous versions here:

Our version will be live, some users will be drinking too so we're hoping for a good turnout !

The Roster: bmelts, Zarel, Hugendugen Me, Myself and I, maybe even cathy and mikel depending on availability from them ! if a few people can't make it we got some back ups so don't worry about it being dead. chaos will be hosting it too so look out for that jolly grizzly bear. :)

The main theme will be about the new updated version of PS! in all its glory and what the dev's are looking to do moving forward, we will be having a Q&A section near the end for anything we haven't covered and some personal questions you may have for us so post some here and PM us during the live cast and we'll pick a bunch out !

I was about to post this questioning if I missed anything, then I figured you guys would probably want the airtime, it'll be Saturday night at 9:30 EDT! will be rescheduled due to complications of certain key people who would be on the pannel hosted on the SmogonU's youtube page, we'll also be advertising it on PS mainchat and interacting with users.

I think that's it?

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