The DPP Team Tournament - Round 2

My oppo hasn't replied me yet, asking for a extension if we can't play today. (I won't be able to play tomorrow and maybe 30/31)


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Nah bro i was online on ps and never saw you on, reverse act. Legit had to dig tho your old messages to find your ps alt and had to do something for fam which is why i didnt post eariler.


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Yami vs Staraptor

The screenshots -okara posted are inconsequential. From what I can gather, Mysterious M ("M") was tagged on Friday at 2:21 PM GMT-5 to see if Yami could come online, which is during Yami's specified range of times that would not work due to work.

Neither Staraptor nor Yami can post evidence that they were online at the scheduled time of 5:00 PM GMT-5. Staraptor posted at 5:12 PM GMT-6 in this thread claiming activity, which is 6:12 PM GMT-5, a good hour and some change after the scheduled. Yami posted a screenshot of PS at 5:30 PM GMT-5, which is closer, but still outside of the range of acceptability. Not to mention that I'd be hesitant to accept such evidence anyway.

Ideally, this should be finished in the 9 and a half hours left until the deadline. If not, I'll allow an indefinite extension. If things don't seem to be progressing within a reasonable timeframe, I'll coinflip. Next time, please use the VMs so that I can verify that one or more parties were on at the scheduled time. You're supposed to drop a VM saying "online as ____ on ____"; that's what you'll need to do in order to claim activity.
opponent did not show up at the scheduled time, been waiting for more than 30 minutes and ill be leaving soon, activity

Edit: we ended up playing and i won, gg
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