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The Ghosting Tournament
Or: The MoP Tournament

Approved by Earthworm :O

Original idea by Hipmonlee

Smogon Tournament Rules

Ghosting - (v) The act of gaining knowledge of another person's Pokemon battle, whether through spectating or the viewing of pasted logs, and helping that person make his move selections during the Pokemon battle.

This is a tournament where ghosting is permitted and highly encouraged. Players will be competing as part of a team but each round only one player from each team will be battling. Ghosting and scouting has long been problems in other tournaments but this tournament laughs at these concepts and makes them its bitches.

There shall be 3 members per team. There are two ways to sign up. The first is to have all three members of a team post, confirming they are a part of the team. The other is to sign up as a free agent and hope someone else notices and recruits you. It is highly recommended that team members share similar timezones so they can effectively communicate with each other, as otherwise your team WILL be at a disadvantage. If you're a free agent and don't get picked, tough shit, I will NOT be using free agents to make teams to fill up spots.

Standard Rules

  • Single elimination format
  • Matches are to be played on the Smogon University server on Pokemon Online
  • 5th Generation OU tournament
  • OHKO Clause
  • Evasion Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Wifi Clause

IMPORTANT!Tournament-specific Rules IMPORTANT!

  • No Disallow Specs - for easy ghosting and scouting
  • No Battle Timeout - this allows you time to discuss strategy during the battle, but if you timestall your opponent on purpose, with no evidence to the contrary, I reserve the right to disqualify your team
  • 3 members per team
  • Each team shall nominate a captain either through PM or their team sign up post, he will be in charge of organizing team members, providing the opposing captain with available times, and making sure the team gets the battle done in a timely manner
  • Because of the ghosting element, who is actually battling for the team each round makes little difference, just make sure the battle gets done
  • There's nothing to stop you taking the advice of people not on your team, but remember that they may not always have your best interest at heart, and spies and backstabbers are everywhere...
  • All battle logs must be saved and PMed to me, I will post the battle logs in the thread at the end of each round. This should help you formulate a strategy for next round
  • If you have any Skype recordings, IRC logs, or PO logs of the ghosting discussions that go on, it would be nice if you PM those to me too, but this is not mandatory. These may be posted publicly to provide insight / entertainment.
  • You shall make your team name known to me either through PM or the sign up post, otherwise I will pick one for you and it will not be pretty.


1. Team Curry Monkeys - dragonuser, Makaveli3K, Harsha
2. Team STRONGS - LonelyNess, JabbaTheGriffin, Faint
3. Team McLovin - Alice, McMeghan, Stone_Cold
4. Team Mechatar - CTI, Dotteh, kd24
5. The Niggas Crew - .Robert, AkHolic, Kennen
6. PANELAND - Hantsuki, pi face, Rurushu
7. Tutee Tourney Slammers - Sir, MikeDecIsHere, Leftiez
8. Team herro dere - noodlez, badabing, Oristeros
9. 3 like a Ghost - Celsius, Ripamon, Marshall.Law
10. Team - Bad Ass, Snunch, Yondie
11. Team FUCK BS HAX - Bloo, Bluewind, reyscarface
12. Team When We All Get High - Karpman, Texas Cloverleaf, ShakeItUp
13. Team TBA - Blim, LuckOverSkill, MyNameIsSPS
14. Lady Salamence is HAWT - Vinc2612, Lady Salamence, HBK
15. Team You Know Nothing Jon Snow Folgorio - Eo Ut Mortus, Iconic, idiotfrommars
16. Team (BAN ME PLEASE) not ratchet - yee, TheFourthChaser, BIG Loven
17. Team Holy Fuck How Do I Play This Tier - bojangles, Hugendugen, Tobes
18. Team Lannister/Lannister - FelixMinamimoto, Brotom, Orichalcos Owl
19. the nuggets - Earthworm, Heist, Hipmonlee
20. Team No Name Is Kewl - D4RR3N, Hot N Cold, Tomahawk9
21. The 118 118 Team - CZ., Nachos, Skynet
22. Bread Ducks - PasY_G, Dark_Psiana, Lowgock
23. Team PDudes^^ - toasdt, 13Random37, DaFlo
24. Team SCHLÜSSELBEINBRUCH - Django Reinhart, CrashinBoomBang, Ginku
25. Team TBD - Chieliee, Novaray, Delko
26. Joisey Shoa - Steven Snype, Lizardman, Scimjara
27. THE BIGGLETS - DracoMalfoy, Ojama, Limitless
28. Ghostbusters - KidChameleon, Z-rex, Cristal
29. DGF Gang - Taylor, M Dragon, mostwanted
30. Team HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPOS - Nails, EspyJoel, Lamppost
31. Messaggeri della Dopa - Chase, shinycarletto, Tizio Potente Ao
32. Team Norb RULES - MarceloDK, Rewer, Pedrock

33. Landorus Beast Form Team - Rydro, Takuya, Staraptor
34. taylor gang - soviet, blarajan, Stathakis
35. hashtaggoonsquad - Infinity.Cypher, TalkingLion, TrollFreak
36. Team HYPER COMBO KO!!! - PsYch071c, Stellar, jamashawalker
37. Mariscos Recio - Light The Thunder, j0k3, [K-12] The Madchine
38. The Patxis - Pesadilla, AvaZard, Sekiam
39. Team fuk bw ou - BKC, Soulwind, Smith
40. Team TBC - kuja20, bro fist, fatty

  • First come first serve, it is hoped that I will get 32 teams for this tournament
  • Closes in 2 days


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with maka for now, will find third in a bit

EDIT: Full team is Dragonuser, Makaveli3k, Harsha

and team Curry Monkeys!
free agent for now

I'm a server mod which means I can see any battles and know every alt so I'm pretty much a plus for a team.

Oh, I'm also an ok battler but that doesn't count as much xD
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