Tournament The Hit it and Quit it Tour - Round 2 (Post #86)


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Round 1! Sorry for the wait, I needed an even number of entrants, and that just wasn't happening.

As a reminder, games are Best of 3 with the same team. In addition to that, if for some reason you are granted an activity win, you will be randomized 6 pokemon, based on what other people have used that week, those 6 will be your banned pokemon.

Sam-testings vs The Avalanches
Nudisto vs Jac
mad0ka vs ItzViper482
fatty vs Mambo
Vanillish Wafer vs Blither
talkingtree vs fitzy72
Quote vs Tahu
boo836 vs macle
Fiend vs rssp1
Infamy vs Drud
PD vs John76
majaspic22 vs Cheek Pouch
Sken vs ZoroarkForever
Alice Kazumi vs Merritt
Star. vs Michielleus
Pikasohn vs Oma
RZL vs Aaron's Aron
wishes vs fran17
Nineage vs Quelconque
Shrug vs ggggd
Berks vs Confide
Drangonn. vs TheFenderStory
Heysup vs WaterlessMelon
failsohard vs tjdaas


Deadline is August 1st
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gave up in the end of game 2. Figured he'd bring a pawn or smthng, but he didn't so Shrug nosepass didn't pan out. Was fun besides mantyke misses and my stupidity!
Madoka quit so gg? i did so much work so proud rn. Didnt even get to show off my flames squad. Sub if you can if not pls dont let me get 3 S rank mons from my pick.

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