The In-Game Mono-Type Team Challenge Mk 2

The previous thread was archived with the change to the forums and I decided to revive the thread. I'm a big fan of these challenges because they force you to think creatively to beat some hard opponents. Some rules (that can be expanded or reduced depending on your own tastes) are:

1.Teams can only be composed of pokemon of one type.
2.If a pokemon evolves into your chosen type, they are allowed to be used if they are evolved right away. (charmander in a mono-flying)
3. Mono type doesn't mean mono pokemon, use a team of 3-6.
4. Essential HM's may be used on a HM slave but if possible use a HM slave of your chosen type.

I've decided to do a mono-ground run on pokemon white, and I'll keep you updated to how it goes!

HG/SS pokedex sorted by typing

Hoenn Pokedex sorted by typing

These were created by users Hobbers and Angel Diva on the old thread, thanks to them

Completed runs:
None yet!

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