The Initial UU Tournament - [Semifinal]

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The Rules can be found below.

6v6 standard single battle played on Pokemon Sun/Moon over Wifi
Level 50
Sleep Clause
Evasion Clause
Species Clause
OHKO Clause
Baton Pass restriction (only 2 per team)
Leppa Berry + Recycle is banned (Infinite Battles)
Legal hacks are fine, but they must be fair, and again, only have prebank moves and abilities.
Teams cannot be switched in between rounds and must be kept throughout the tournament
No blacklisted users are allowed to enter, I will be checking the list.
The banlist will be the same as Pokemon Showdown's one.

Here's the semifinal matchups. Hopefully I've weeded out the inactivity and we're all set to go.

The deadline for this round is 28th April 2017*, please try and complete battles before this date.

The matchups are:

Mattapod vs Geren
Corrin vs Doobzi

*extended until first week of may to accomodate corrin vs doobzi​
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Corrin and I got D/C'ed half way through the battle. He gave me the win.

Shout out to him for being awesome in the first 15 turns or so. We were 5-5 but It could've gone eitherway.
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