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What is a Quality Control Team?
A Quality Control Team’s job is to ensure that all analyses are up to proper expectations, as well as to ensure that they are all updated. If the QC team does not think your analysis is up to on-site standards, they have the right to reassign or reject it. Make sure you familiarize yourself with C&C standards if you wish to prevent this from being the case.

Our current QC team consists of the LGPE OU Council. This includes:
Eve (Leader)

Note that if you plan on doing AM checks for our analysis section, QC members will have the final say on whether your check or certain parts of it should be implemented. If you have any questions hit us up on the LGPE Discord or message me on Smogon!
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For writers' convenience, here's a list of the QC members' ID numbers in the Credits format.
[Eve, 375272]
[CasualPokePlayer, 472203]
[Ivy, 173336]
[Kris, 241023]
[McCoolDude, 469684]
[Rag, 10749]
[Vengeance417, 198446]
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