NOC The Mafia Invitational Redux Game Thread - GAME OVER

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This game is moderated by Paperblade
OP shamelessly stolen from the first invitational

- Standard site rules are in place
- Deadlines: Days are 72 hours; nights are 24 hours. The sole exception to this is day 1 which will last 96 hours. Failure to submit an action and it is forfeit.
- Voting must be bolded or otherwise emphasized to be counted. If I recognize who it's for, it counts.
- NEW: Lynches are plurality. Whoever has most votes is lynched.
- Players will be prodded after two days of inactivity and must post within the following 24 hours. If they are prodded on three separate occasions or fail to post they will be replaced.
- Have fun! And don't be a dick.

Game Specific Rules
- The game is explicitly 10:3 town:mafia
- There are 8 Vanilla Town, 2 Masons, and 3 Mafia Goons
- Masons only have night chat
- Masons have a one-shot recruit. Upon recruiting town, they will join the chat. If it's scum, it will fail.
- Any and all private conversations will remain open throughout the game
- Dead players may not communicate in any form other than the specified dead thread
- Sample town PM:
You are a Vanilla Town.

You have no special abilities.

You win when the Mafia is eliminated.
You are a Village Mason.

Your Mason partner is USER, who you can speak to at Night in your mason chat.

Additionally, once per game, your masonry may attempt to ##Recruit USER to your masonry. If they are a member of the Village, they will be converted to a Village Mason like you. If they are mafia, this ability will fail.

You win when the Mafia is eliminated.
You are a Mafia Goon.

You have no special abilities, but you know your teammates are USER1 and USER2.

You win when the Village is eliminated.
Living Players (3)
Da Letter ElEP1K
Former Hope

Metal Sonic
Texas Cloverleaf
EmpoofAura Guardian

Prophylaxis - Vanilla Town - Lynched Day 1
Hawkie - Vanilla Town - Killed Night 1
Metal Sonic - Vanilla Town - Lynched Day 2
Texas Cloverleaf - Village Mason - Killed Night 2

Asek - Mafia Goon - Lynched Day 3
Yeti - Village Mason - Killed Night 3
Aura Guardian - Mafia Goon - Lynched Day 4

Hitmonleet - Vanilla Town - Killed Night 4
LightWolf - Vanilla Town - Lynched Day 5
KnightsofCydonia - Vanilla Town - Killed Night 5

Substitutes: none apparently

Role PMs will are going out now, the game will begin when a majority (8/13) of players have confirmed.
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Also I hardclaim Town Ascetic. It's a negative utility role that means that my slot has to solely be analyzed by my behavior, and I think I'm fine with that.

Vote Walrein for randing town too much on MU
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