The NeverUsed Classic


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Welcome to the official hub for one of our community's biggest tournaments, the NeverUsed Classic! The NeverUsed Classic is a tournament designed to celebrate our tier's classic, old gen formats in a highly competitive setting to determine a definitive winner!

This year's classic will feature 4 Best of Three Single Elimination Cups of XY, BW, DPP, and ADV NU. Players will participate in each cup to earn points to make it to a best of three, playoff qualifier round. With the inclusion of XY NU, there are now four formats which means that, during playoffs, the higher of the two seeds will be able to strike one of the four formats each round to determine the other three formats played for the best of three series.

The sign-ups for each Cup are as follow:

The XY NU Cup - September 28 - October 1
The BW NU Cup - October 5 - October 8
The DPP NU Cup - October 12 - October 15
The ADV NU Cup - October 19 - October 22

This thread will stay open for the purpose of announcing sign-ups, discussion on the tournament itself, and for any questions anyone might have. Good luck to all future participants!

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