The Neverused Premier League - Week 5


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Ok, There were a lot of coinflipped matches thime time around and down to one of several reasons.

1) There was no visible conversation between pairings.
2) There was 1 VM both ways within each of the pairings.
3) A Pairing only got in contact yesterday and scheduled for past the deadline
4) One of the pairing missed a scheduled match (was going to get it done early in the week) but the one who didn't miss it made no attempt to re-schedule the match.

And here are the final calls

Ludicolos vs Braviarys
Stage 0 - Coinflip
Iris vs Cherub Agent
Jynx Stage - Coinflip
Funkasaurus vs DestinyUnkown
Post-Jynx - Activity
New Breed vs Jrrrrrr
Hail Stage - coinflip
Jayde vs Dittocrow
Tutee Bracket - coinflip
PokeMazter vs MorningSun

Dewgongs vs Samurotts

Stage 0 - Coinflip
davidness vs MoP
Gothitelle stage -Coinflip
ShuckleKing87 vs Moet
Hail Stage - Coinflip
Jayde vs Dittocrow
Hail Stage - Activity
Treecko37 vs CaseKace
NU Current (2) - Activity
Qwilpfish vs Finchinator

Sawsbucks vs Camerupts
Stage 0 - Coinflip
LuckOverSkill vs Heist
Jynx Stage - Coinflip
Celsuis vs Michael209
Hail Stage
Level 51 vs McMeghan
NUCurrent (2) - Coinflip
Ginku[/altb] vs Ryanor
NU Current (3) - Coinflip
Punchshroom vs TLCJR4LIFE/b]

And here are the Final Standings

Samurotts - 40pts
Braviarys - 32pts
Sawsbucks - 24 Pts
Dewgongs / Ludicolos - 24pts
Camerupts - 20pts

Finals are Between the Sootopolis Samurottsand Blackthorn Braviarys and will be up tomorrow after I've been to sleep.
Thanks a lot FireMage to tourney organization. Good Luck for Sootopolis Samurotts and Blackthorn Braviarys. I hope to play better next time, I did not win any points for my team who had to bear me (however thanks for the trust, Raseri). I enjoyed.
I attempted to contact Pokemazter twice. He said that he was going to make a new team and get back to me. But he never did. And, as such, we were unable to battle. You can look at our conversation on VMs if you'd like.

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