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I think I'm going to vote for TPO3's Flame Charge set. It doesn't call for much support (packing a fighting type, some hazards... because that's uncommon), and if you can bring it in on something that can't hurt it too much (Ambipom, Heracross on STAB, Mienshao, bulky Slowbro, notable others) or just let something die, you're looking at a seriously powerful threat.

I, personally, am not a huge fan of bulky Lure because it can't actually switch in on pretty much anything that isn't choice-locked into a NVE move, so it kind of relies on dancing around and letting the rest of your team take hits. It's also too slow to rest up on any serious offensive threats, and is about equal to deadweight in the end game. Sure, it's not getting killed by Abomasnow or Escavalier (because Escavalier is common) any time soon, but even Victini and Heracross (listed as things that can be switched in to) are able to outspeed and 2HKO (OHKO for Heracross) with moves that are on their standard sets. I don't see it switching in on anything that isn't Choice-Locked if you're playing a decent opponent, unless the surprise factor of a Chandelure with 252 HP EVs and a little less speed is too much of a surprise factor for your opponent to handle. Plus, if you CAN in fact safely switch it in on something that's choice locked by knowing what move they have, in fact, chosen, it means that something just died. I'm personally not a believer that having something die so you can shoot off an unexpected Will-O-Wisp is quite worth it. Tangent- I actually said in the flame charge recommendation that you basically need to be able to do the same thing- however, I think being able to speed up and proceed to outspeed and sweep most of the tier is a better result than firing off one attack or a will-o and then dying or having to switch out and repeat. I know I'm being a bit over-critical and there are more windows for it, but I don't think the secondary fire typing and the base 60 HP are really great perks for a spinblocker when the best (and most common) spinner is a special-attacking water type.
I agree with Cesterp, I vote for TPO3's set. The worst thing about a scarf set is not being able to change moves, and since Chandelure can cause switches pretty easily I don't think getting a Flame Charge off would be that hard to do.
fatty's set is the best and most creative, for all the reasons PK outlined. Being able to fire off more than one or two meaningful attacks is great, and even without boosting, that set hits hard as hell. Awesome stuff.
I actually really dislike all the Chandy sets presented except for Cesterp's Trick Room Set. I think it's a super creative and effective way to start up Trick Room and start off the match strong while still providing support to the rest of the team. It's something unexpected out of Chandy and that is guaranteed to be in some way effective (unless like, your opponent leads with Beat Up Ambipom). At best, you get up Trick Room, deal some damage (love that we get to keep max spatk here), and cripple a Pokémon with Memento, giving you time to either reset Trick Room or bring in something to that is pretty much safe to ruin your opponent's day when it otherwise wouldn't be depending on how much TR you have left. At worst, Trick Room is up and you'll get off one hard hit or a Memento with plenty of turns left for the team. It's like a good version of Banette's suicidal Trick Room set and I just love it.

fatty's set is interesting, but I just don't see it being effective. The spinners in UU are essentially Blastoise and Hitmontop (ugh). I don't like Chandy with spinblocker as his primary function. It's no fun to bring in on Blastoise, who has lots of room to outplay you with Scald and Roar and nice bulk. I guess you might be able to spinblock Shitmontop and Will-o-Wisp him if he tries to Sucker Punch or before he Stone Edges, whichever he's running. But the thing is, this set really doesn't do it much better than a regular Chandy because if you get predicted coming in you're taking a big chunk because A) I'm going to Stone Edge or B) double switch. Meanwhile Chandy is weak to SR and yeah, okay, he's got one Rest, but not so solid defenses and fairly low speed. I don't see many opportunities where you get the chance to Rest, and when you do I mean the things that kill Chandy generally do a nice job of taking him out in one shot. I don't like my spinblocker not being able to switch in frequently to do his job. I like a Chandy that hits as hard as he can and threatens, threatens, threatens. I feel like this is a weird pseudo tank set that would be better utilized on a Pokémon with better bulk. It takes too much prediction for my taste to bring Chandy in safely, and when you do entry hazards are making him sad. He just doesn't have the bulk to make me have faith in this set playing the role it sounds like it should play in theory.

I like Santuga's set's use of Pain Split, but I feel Flamethrower as the only attack doesn't take advantage of Chandy's power while there are better Pokémon to spread Burn and that most of the Pokémon listed to Taunt are Pokémon that if they're staying in on Chandy should be punished with an attack (Bronzong, Sableye, Roserade, Registeel, Dusclops, Gligar) rather than being Taunted or that Chandy has no business staying in on them (Suicune) even if the Taunt will hinder them.

I feel like by the time TPO3's Flame Charge set will be useful and have it's chance to set up and sweep, Scarf Chandy could do it anyway. It's just too gimmicky for me, like Flame Charge Heatran.

And that's what really distinguishes The Trick Room set for me; it is an effective and creative use of Chandy's strengths without trying to force him into a role that he doesn't really belong in. Okay, I get it that ghosts are spinblockers, but is that really why you wanna use Chandy? When I see that big mother of a SpAtk stat, I really want to get the most out of it. Trick Room (especially as a lead!) is a cool new way to do it. Smash some early holes, set up for your team, provide a safe turn for a teammate - what a nifty way to use him! The other sets just try too hard to force him to do things he doesn't want to.


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To be honest, Chandelure doesn't have a way to beat its big counters that isn't already standard (Specs HP Fighting, Trick, Sub + Flame Body), so I'm going to go with TPO3's Flame Charge set. A +1 Speed Chandelure could be really useful in certain situations and is a good way around stuff like Weavile and a handful of other revenge killers. That Base 80 Speed is really a letdown though.

Fatty's set isn't bad, but I don't like the Trick Room set much because it doesn't really fix many of Chandelure's problems except against the heaviest of offensive teams. I also don't like the moveslot vomit syndrome - that makes it seem more like "hey, make it into whatever you want it to be" than an original idea. Trick Room and Memento is at least interesting though.
Alright, it's about time to move on to the next pokemon, but it seems as though we have a tie for first place (3 votes each) between myself and TPO3, so seeing as I'm the one running this, I will be archiving TPO3's set. Thanks for everyone who voted and participated for chandelure, I'll be posting the next pokemon very soon.

nvm posting it now, new poke is Abomasnow!


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Abomasnow @Life Orb
Trait: Snow Warning (lol)
Jolly nature
48 HP/252 Atk/208 Spe
~Swords Dance
~Seed Bomb
~Ice Shard
~Brick Break/Earthquake

208 Spe outspeds the standard Swords Dance Bisharp, and thus also gets past defensive Arcanine and other base 95's. Abomasnow is slow so I guess you use this against really slow teams, maybe to break stall. Seed Bomb gets through bulky waters, Ice Shard for STAB and it also has priority for random stuff like Flygon. Brick Break hits Porygon2, Snorlax, and Bisharp, but Earthquake can be used instead to hit a Fire-type on the switch.
Abomasnow @Choice Specs
Ability: Snow Warning
Modest Nature
EVs: 252hp/ 252spa/ 4spd
-Giga Drain
-Focus Blast
-Hidden Power Ground/ Rock

Since Abomasnow is slow his best option is to force switches and hit with the appropriate spec-boosted move. With this, he's able to hit 13 types for SE damage. Blizzard for STAB, Giga Drain for recovery, Focus Miss 2HKO the usual Snorlax sets (3HKO on full sdef evs) and other Abomasnows. Hidden Power Ground/ Rock nails the common fire-type switchs to Abomasnow. Evs gives the most bulk possible while getting as much power as possible from modest+specs since Abomasnow's speed is garbage.
No more sets? I'll leave this open for the rest of today to see if we can get anymore, and if not, I'll close for voting and post next pokemon.


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Abomasnow @ Leftovers
Trait: Snow Warning
Adamant Nature
52 HP / 252 Atk / 204 Spe
-Focus Punch
-Ice Shard / Ice Punch / Earthquake / Leech Seed
-Seed Bomb

Abomasnow's attack stat isn't too shabby, and it has numerous important resistances against the STABs of many walls in UU. The speed EVs allow you to outspeed min speed Gligar and Sub up before you get Toxiced though more can be run to outspeed Bisharp. Max attack for more punch (pun intended) and the rest thrown into HP. Focus Punch when behind a Sub is more useful than you think, especially since everybody expects Leech Seed the moment you Sub. Seed Bomb is reliable STAB and is chosen over Wood Hammer because recoil and sub isn't ideal. Finally Ice Shard is there to revenge Flygon but you could also run Ice Punch for more power and as a secondary STAB to hit Roserade and Zapdos. You could also choose to run Earthquake to hit fire-types on the switch. Or, go for the traditional Leech Seed to gain more HP recovery

I've tested this set, and it's been pretty successful, works mainly because of surprise factor. Abomasnow is just too damn versatile, really, and because of SubSeed's relative popularity, many people expect a bully Abomasnow once you show sub and boom, Focus Punch to the face. Not to mention Snorlax or Umbreon coming in to sponge Blizzard to be met with a 2HKO.
Time to go ahead and look at everything Abomasnow can do.
Stuff that's never good on anything-
Stomp, Strength, Snore, Skull Bash, Secret Power, Round, Rock Smash, Rock Climb, Powder Snow, Mud Slap, Natural Gift, Mist, Magical Leaf, Leer, Hyper Beam, Headbutt, Giga Impact, SolarBeam, Fling, Flash, Double Team, Captivate, Attract, Sheer Cold (lololololol)

Outclassed/otherwise unuseful moves that are very niche-
Water Pulse, Role Play (though admittedly, I can see this being interesting due to trading out Snow Warning for a useful ability, but I don't see it being really useful unless you catch an offguard Azumarill or Sharpedo or something like that), Rock Tomb, Razor Leaf, Bulldoze, Synthesis (due to Abomasnow), Rain Dance, Hail, Ice Beam, Avalanche, Bullet Seed

So Abomasnow's movepool is-

Ice Shard
Ice Punch
Seed Bomb
Wood Hammer
Brick Break
Focus Punch
Iron Tail
Rock Slide

Frost Breath
Focus Blast
Giga Drain/Energy Ball
Hidden Power (probably fire or fighting)
Shadow Ball
Icy Wind

Leech Seed
Sleep Talk

Team Support Options-
Light Screen

Set-Up Move-
Swords Dance

What that looks like to me is a physically offensive mon or a semi-weak Blizzard spammer. At least, that's what its best uses should be. Something like Leech Seed/Ingrain/Substitute/Protect would be interesting and very trollish, but not really worth anything. Swords Dance is something we never see, but Abomasnow is not close to being fast enough to make set-up moves viable. Sure, it has Ice Shard to complement SD, but +2 Ice Shard is barely more powerful than its normal Ice Punch, and you don't expect an Ice Punch from Abomasnow to OHKO much. Block and Light Screen are interesting support options, but I don't see how those could fit onto anything and be consistent (shame Abomasnow doesn't get Aromatherapy). And quite frankly, when I'm looking to pick a moveset, when I see a STAB priority move is available, that's typically what I like to center things around and will usually proceed to build a moveset off of priority. But Ice Shard has really been done every which way and is standard on Abomasnow, so I'll go ahead and scrap that idea. The real move I noticed that you never see on anything ever is GrassWhistle, which is truly a unique idea that could be used if you don't mind dying to random fire type moves every other time you expect it to do something. However, hax is not a friend and seemingly likes to be a troll far more often than 45% of the time..

Quite frankly, Abomasnow is versatile, but the analysis page acknowledges this and has, I believe, five sets on what it can do. They're all viable, but not much is left on the table. I'll just go with something really random that has a niche and might work in some unique scenarios...

Stall-Killing Abomasnow
Abomasnow @ Leftovers
Trait: Snow Warning
EVs: 204 Spd / 252 HP / 52 SAtk
Modest Nature
- Block
- Leech Seed
- GrassWhistle / Giga Drain
- Blizzard

I suppose a Block/Toxic/Protect/Blizzard set is also possible, but Abomasnow is terrible against pretty much any offensive threat that has any form of resemblance of coverage, so walls are really the primary target. With a large majority of walls being steel types or clerics or even things that can kill Abomasnow, Toxic stall is less viable.

So uh... yeah. Block is interesting in that it generates a free turn for something else as long as you get to use it. If you lead against something like Bronzong or Empoleon or a generic wall that doesn't do a fantastic job at killing Abomasnow and would prefer to set up rocks and then carry on with its day, you can Block on turn 1, GrassWhistle on turn 2 (and 3 if necessary), Leech Seed, and then switch out to something else that likes having free turns. And gratuitous Blizzard because 120 base power perfect accuracy moves are a good thing. That pretty much is the entire strategy. Bulky water types and bulky steel types with limited offensive investment are the bait for this set, and if you can play it right, you'll find that it will generate a free turn or two for something else on your team. There's also the possibility of killing things through racking up residual damage without allowing a switch. No, it's not the best set, but it's at least new and does something.
Cesterp's set is badically the most creative, and I'd vote for simply because it takes out Gligar, Umbreon and the likes. Umbreon usually is called in to get heal bell and wish off, which gives Abomasnow a turn to
Switch in/Block -> Block/Leech Seed
Cleric/stall counter that outclasses Trick users' check capabilities and crobat's taunt. Basically a stall-killer, as written in OP.


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voting for LionKingMax's Choice Specs set. Specs Blizzard is going to hit like a truck, and I think the coverage it has is really good. Giga Drain and Focus Blast will hit pretty much anything that resists Blizzard, so you're almost guranteed ot kill at least something.
I vote for Scorpdestroyer's SubPunch set, with ice shard as first preference of the slashes. Frankly, if you're going to run a pokemon that creates an environment resulting in the wearing down of almost all the tier, I'd much prefer having access to ice shard in order to wear everything down to a point where it's wiped out by priority.

I think abomasnow really appreciates the safety of a sub, especially to allow extra turns of hail damage on the opponent, hence my choice of that set over TPO3's one. The coverage is pretty damn good too, as well as turning other switch-ins into liabilities.
i'm voting for LionKingMax's set so yeah, i'll archive it.

the next pokemon is Mew! this should yield some pretty cool results, with mew's tremendous diversity.


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Mew is so versatile, it makes Abomasnow's movepool look like a Beldum.

Set name: Rock Polish Sweeper

Mew @ Life Orb

Trait: Synchronize
EVs: 228 Def / 252 SAtk / 28 Spe
IVs: 29 HP
Modest Nature
-Rock Polish
-Aura Sphere
-Thunderbolt / Roost / Shadow Ball / Baton Pass

Scarfed Pokemon typically revenge kill Mew with ease. However, this set fixes that by doubling Mew's speed to outrun the entire unboosted UU. Rock Polish is obviously how the set got its name, it allows Mew to get the speed jump on many slower scarfed Pokemon even without max speed investment. Psychic is good STAB and with Life Orb OHKOs Heracross and Mienshao, two of UU's biggest threats, while hitting hard the majority of the tier. Aura Sphere provides essential coverage against Dark-types and makes this set incredible: lure in Dark-types as you boost while KO-ing them, and it really surprises those scarfed Krookodiles. The last move is a matter of choice; Thunderbolt guarantees the OHKO on Honchkrow, and allows you to hit Slowbro pretty hard. Roost is excellent in tandem with Life Orb, keeping Mew healthy for extended periods. However, do note that Sableye, Spiritomb and Victini will utterly wall this set so your team needs to be able to kill them if you run Roost. Next comes Shadow Ball, which allows you to hit Victini and other Mews harder than any other move, and also hits Slowbro hard. Do note that Thunderbolt has a higher base power, however, and unless your team has huge problems with Victini, Thunderbolt is almost always superior. finally comes Baton Pass, which is very useful when coming across something that walls you (middle finger to Shedinja and Meloetta) and possibly passes the boosts to something else and set up a sweep.

Life Orb is there because it turns many 2HKOs into OHKOs. Technically you could run Sub+Leftovers but the power drop is notable, although you do get insurance vs status and dark-types. 252 SAtk EVs to hit as hard as possible, while 28 Spe EVs outspeed non-scarf Chandelure before a boost, Modest because the extra speed boost is hardly needed. 29 HP IVs obtain a Life Orb number. The rest of the EVs are dumped into Defence to allow more switching power into choice-locked fighting type attacks, opening up more opportunities for set-up.

Stealth Rocks should be up at the other end of the field. This helps tremendously in KOing stuff, most especially Chandelure who could otherwise OHKO Mew in return. A layer or two of spikes are also recommended because this set appreciates residual damage a lot. This set has trouble with special walls such as Snorlax and Umbreon, thus you can run Toxic in the last slot (but never, ever use Toxic on Umbreon), or Superpower with a different EV spread. Having teammates to take them down is also amazing, and Spikes support really helps in this cause.

Dark-type Pursuit users are also great teammates to take out the Psychic-types that wall Mew.

I'll post the calcs when I've more time
Pretty good set, scorpdestroyer. I would suggest changing Psychic to Psyshock instead in order to deal with Snorlax better, though.
Haha, you're right about that morningsun. Both moves do nearly the same amount of damage on Snorlax.

252+ SpA Life Orb Mew Psyshock vs. 144 HP / 188 Def Snorlax: 173-204 (34.8 - 41.04%) -- 65.33% chance to 3HKO

252+ SpA Life Orb Mew Aura Sphere vs. 144 HP / 176+ SpD Snorlax: 169-200 (34 - 40.24%) -- 39.94% chance to 3HKO
Well, spoilers are my friend here. Analysis of Mew's movepool, with viable options categorized. I'm not going to discuss bad options because I'd be here all week, so I'll just categorize what I think is worth it-
Zen Headbutt
Aqua Tail
Return / Body Slam / Facade
Drain Punch / Brick Break / Low Kick
Seed Bomb / Bullet Seed
Dragon Claw / Dual Chop / Outrage
Fake Out
Fire Punch
Focus Punch
Foul Play
Gunk Shot
Gyro Ball
Ice Punch
Iron Head / Iron Tail
Sucker Punch / Payback
Poison Jab
Rock Slide / Stone Edge
ThunderPunch / Wild Charge

Aura Sphere / Vacuum Wave
Fire Blast / Flamethrower / Heat Wave / Overheat
Ice Beam / Frost Breath
Psychic / Psyshock
Thunderbolt / Volt Switch / Thunder / Zap Cannon
Blizzard (hail support necessary)
Dark Pulse
Earth Power
Giga Drain / Energy Ball / Grass Knot / SolarBeam
Flash Cannon
Focus Blast
Hidden Power (Rock and Flying are the only ones without a better option)
Hyper Voice
Shadow Ball
Signal Beam
Sludge Wave / Sludge Bomb

Roost / Softboiled / Synthesis
Will-O-Wisp / Scald
Dragon Tail
Knock Off
Magic Coat
Night Shade / Seismic Toss
Sleep Talk
Super Fang
Thunder Wave
Electroweb / Icy Wind
Psych Up

Baton Pass
Stealth Rock
Heal Bell
Light Screen
Trick Room
Rain Dance
Sunny Day

Nasty Plot
Rock Polish
Swords Dance
Barrier / Iron Defense
Bulk Up
Calm Mind
Charge Beam
Flame Charge
Hone Claws
Magnet Rise
Work Up
AncientPower / Ominous Wind / Silver Wind

Alternatively, if you're looking for competitive moves it doesn't have, the list is the base 40 power physical priority moves, ExtremeSpeed, Mirror Coat, Confuse Ray, Spore, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Rapid Spin, Quiver Dance, Dragon Dance, and Shell Smash.

It does everything. Ever. Need a dual screens + kaboom lead? Mew. Need a Baton Passer? Mew. Want a good end game sweeper with decent bulk and speed? Mew. Need something that can take on fighting moves? Mew. Need some surprise factor? Mew. Need any niche that has ever existed? Mew. I can not begin to suggest sets that would work with it. Any walling, attacking, mixed wall/attacking, set-up, baton pass, or support set that has ever existed that doesn't include the 15-odd moves listed above, you can do it with Mew, and it should work out alright. There's not really a definitive set for it, and nothing can be argued to be the best, simply because it does everything ever. I once had a question of, "What has priority, phasing, and SR?" to which the answer was only Empoleon. Except now Mew also happens.

I suppose for a set to actually really qualify as a stand-out, it should be something that only Mew can do. Quite frankly, I'm inclined to give it a Baton Pass set, simply because I believe that's what it does best. However, seeing as Baton Pass relies on team support and is everyone's favorite strategy, I suppose I'll go with something else. Killing top tier threats is good, everyone likes momentum, and 100 base speed is definitely decent. So uh...

Anti-Scarf Mew
Mew @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Synchronize
EVs: 252 SpAtk / 252 Spd / 4 SDef
Timid Nature
- Volt Switch
- Psychic
- Ice Beam
- Earth Power

So uh... yeah. Very specific moveset, if you couldn't tell. Darmanitan, Mienshao, Heracross, Raikou, Flygon, Crobat, Zapdos, and various other things that are scary kind of actually die to this. You're walled silly by Bronzong and Snorlax, but that's why Volt Switch exists. Ice Beam and Earth Power do a nice job of killing Electric and Ground types that may try to switch in on Volt Switch (except SpDef Rhyperior, which takes between 31-36%, so you need some damage on that first). Mew's natural bulk also allows it to take hits switching in, and it should be able to take two unboosted moves from pretty much anything as long as it isn't super effective. You will have a speed tie with Flygon/Zapdos (not that Zapdos runs one) if they're scarfed with speed-boosting nature, and Mienshao and Raikou outspeed as a scarfers, so be wary of them. Darmanitan, Crobat, Heracross, and non-scarfed anything other than Ninjask will not be so happy when they come in head-to-head against Mew and expect to outspeed. Oh, and Volt Switch exists. Momentum is always fun, not to mention that coverage you get on water types.

Also, oddly enough, this comes with perfect neutral coverage for everything in UU (screw Shedinja and all it stands for). The four types are just unrelated enough to the point that it can't be done. The only way to actually do it would be if Magnezone got Levitate, if I'm not mistaken. I found it kind of funny and odd, so figured I might as well share it.

EDIT: If I may, I'd like to request Empoleon for the next round. I feel like there's a lot there to touch on and a creative moveset is possible, and having it show up here will hopefully have people recognize it as a scary thing that's worth using.
248hp / 252 def / 8 spe
Trait: Synchronize
-Stealth Rock

This shit wins games. It supports the team and is the ultimate anti-sweeper. Mental Herb is an option if you're super scared of Taunt, but there aren't many good Taunters in UU, so it's gravy. Essentially, set rocks, roost when you need to, and depending on what you think the opponent will do either Transform and copy the stat boost etc or Taunt/burn the opposition. Disclaimer, I didn't come up with this set, I played someone on PO that had an approximation of this set. It's pretty cool.


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Scarf Mew seems a bit weird but I guess it could work mainly because of surprise value, and that nice speed. However I'm not sure it's powerful enough to OHKO stuff. (and never lock yourself into Psychic if the opponent's dark-type is alive)

Meanwhile the transform set seems pretty interesting and it could work very well. But I'd like to ask, why 248 HP EVs?

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