Championship - Type A The No Johns Tournament: GSC Edition - Round 1


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I won gg sorry for my ranting I'm really exhausted

also tried my best to throw, could have just fucking encore switch boom psy and it was 100% win but my bonobo brain didn't think of that until Exactly Right After The Game Ended. puke
i was scheduled with wheezer between 8 and 9 pm 2day gmt +2 and he didn't show up, idk if i'll be here tomorrow evening i'll play him if i'm but if not activity
Okay, a bit of an update is in order as quite a few matches are still left unplayed. With a couple of cases of no contact at all + no reply, I can make use of my subs.

Pohjis vs MegaStarUniverse: As far as I could tell from VMs, Pohjis did not receive a reply from his opponent. That being said, subbing in Mizuhime in MegaStarUniverse's place.

Zokuru vs Floppy: Floppy did not receive a reply from his opponent, so p2 has been subbed in.

A Hero's Destiny vs TSR - No messages were exchanged at all (as far as I could see from either VM wall), so this will be a double sub. Drud vs idiotfrommars

AJayZ vs KoldKappuccino - Neither player sent VMs. Double sub. Mael vs Arch€r

BKC vs Asuya - No reply from Asuya, subbing in Chill Shadow.

Deadline for these matches is Sunday August 6th @ 11:59 PM EST. No Johns.

As far as remaining matches are concerned, they, of course, have until the deadline to be completed. Those include the following matchups:

Coconut vs Melle2402
Teamcali15 vs naruto(sage)
pokebasket vs Marshall.Law
giara vs We Three Kings
reyscarface vs PrescientProphet
Level 56 vs Nintendi
Peasounay vs Wheezer

Any matches not completed by the deadline will either be called or given extension on a case by case basis.
A little late, but a small update:

Coconut vs Melle2402 - activity awarded to Melle.
Teamcali15 vs naruto(sage) - playing Sunday.
HSA vs dusk raimon - Coinflipped.
pokebasket vs Marshall.Law - hopefully playing Sunday.
giara vs We Three Kings - activity rewarded to giara
reyscarface vs PrescientProphet - reyscarface awarded win.
Level 56 vs Nintendi - hopefully playing Sunday.
Peasounay vs Wheezer - Scheduled for tomorrow.

Posting next round now while I have a free couple of minutes. The newer matchups not listed here still have until Sunday night to play.

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