The NU Open VI - Round 4

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activity, oppo missed scheduled time on friday then missed the times i offered on both saturday and sunday, and ive not got massive amounts of availability early next week either
Don't like doing this but gonna have to call activity. My opponent is nowhere to be found on main or smogtours and isn't checking Smogon, either.


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Act on kushalos. Check my profile. Not getting a response since time was scheduled.
Id like to request an extension since ill have time tomorrow, i also specified i likely needed the extension in the vm. I forgot to respond yesterday because i was tired from working, fell asleep, and forgot to respond. Sorry for that.
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attempted to schedule with lord moet for tonight between 6-9 pm EST. i havent heard from him since 7 pm so im not sure whats happening but its like 9:45 now. requesting an extension i think we can get it done in the next few days
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